Game of Thones The Wolf and the Lion S01E05 (HBO)

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This new fantasy series is based upon The Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. Unlike other fantasy settings, since it is being broadcast on HBO, it features nudity and adult language. Unlike Camelot (Starz), which enjoys tearing apart Arthurian Legends, Game of Thrones is a compelling TV show. The premiere episode was on Sunday and the overall quality of the show, plus its unique setting makes it something to watch for the next few weeks.

It is also the polar opposite of a show like Spartacus, where there is so much nudity that it’s almost common place. In Game of Thrones, it’s part of the story and it feels like it’s an uncensored version. The story could be told without nudity and adult language, but it makes this show appeal to the target audience.

The most disturbing scene in this first episode involved the Queen played by Lena Hadley and her twin brother having incestuous relations. As a result, they end up throwing Stark’s son off a tower to keep their secret.

The story is set set in Westeros where “summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime”. I was surprised to hear that some US viewers wanted subtitles for this show. I mean, it’s in English. Granted, there are some different British accents, but it’s not like it’s so strong that it’s hard to understand. Those viewers who need subtitles should watch more international broadcasts.

All in all, I liked this show. I haven’t yet read the books, but it’s an intriguing setting and I and eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are quite complex, and the storyline will mix political intrigue with what will come through the wall of ice. Like many stories of this kind, there is a great evil that will come with the fall of winter, and it won’t be pretty.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

So the game is truly afoot. With Stark removed as the Hand of the King, Robert is free to send his assassins after Daenerys and Viserys. For once, Viserys paranoia will be warranted. Well, in the book he’s paranoid, I can’t really tell if he is that way in the series. It looks like Varys is involved in a conspiracy to make war between the Starks and Lannisters. Their hope is that the Dothraki will cross the Narrow Sea soon, but they know that Khal won’t make a move until his son is born.

The series is getting quite complex on the political side. One of the reasons why I started to read A Game of Thrones is because I want to find out what happens when winter falls on Westeros. There are 5 episodes left. The story isn’t progressing very quickly, which is a shame. Thankfully, I have bought a few volumes of the series, so I’ll be able to find out what will happen next.

I know that there are some fantasy elements in this show, but unless you count some Others in the beginning of the series, we haven’t seen much. I suspect that Daenerys’ dragon eggs will hatch and they’ll use them in their war, but Viserys is not fit to be king.

* * * * *

Ned is wondering why Sir Hugh is dead. A few weeks ago, he was a squire. Now he’s sporting a new armor. Armor doesn’t come cheap. The King wants to joust but he’s gotten too fat for his armor. Also, all of the knights will let him win because he’s king. Ned convinces him not to joust. It’s time for the next joust. The Mountain faces another knight. The Mountains horse seems spooked just by being near Sir Lorris’ horse. There must be some foul play involved. Baelish bets 100 gold dragons on Sir Gregor with Lord Renly. He’s going to lose. The Mountain collapses. Gregor calls for his sword and decapitates his horse. Then he goes after Lorris. The Hound stops his brother. Sansa likes Lorris.

Tyrion Lannister is brought before Catelyn on a crossroad. Before they get to the heart of the matter, they are attacked. Tyrion comes to the aid of Catelyn. He had a choice between fleeing like a coward or getting involved. It surprises Catelyn.

Theon Greyjoy beds Roz. He’s jealous because Tyrion bedded her. He’s been Lord Stark’s hostage and ward since his father got killed when during an attempted rebellion against King Robert.

Arya is trying to catch some cats. She finds some dragon skulls. She overhears some men talking about her father and the Lannister’s attempt at killing their son. It’s Varys and some priest. They are waiting for Khal Drogo to make his move. He won’t make a move until his son is born, so they have to delay the war for as long as possible. They mentioned something about Stark having the book already. It won’t take long. He already found one bastard. They say that it won’t be long before the lion and the wolf will be at their throats.

Varys tells Stark that the King is a fool and faces his doom. He’s facing the same doom as Arryn. It’s called the Tears of Lys, a rare and costly poison. It leaves no trace. Sir Hugh was paid to poison Arryn. Arryn was killed because he started asking questions.

Baelish talks with Varys. He saw him talking with a foreign dignitary from across the Narrow Sea.

Arya manages to find a way out of the dungeons and goes to see her father. She tells him what she overheard. A Night’s Watchman rode all night to come see Stark. He comes of word of his wife. She’s taken the imp. By nightfall, the whole city will know.

Catelyn is heading for the Vale and the Eyrie to see her sister.

-The Eyrie, they say it’s impregnable.
-Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes, I’ll impregnate the bitch.
Tyrion and one of Lady Stark’s bodyguards

The King convenes a meeting of the Small Council. King Robert wants Daenerys and her unborn son killed. He would also like Viserys dead. Robert wants them dead but Ned refuses to be part of this. He gives back the Hand sigil and departs. He starts packing. Baelish asks him to come see the last person who spoke with Arryn.

Lysa, Catelyn’s sister is still breastfeeding her son. He must be 7 or 8. That’s crazy. She’s clearly lost her mind. She puts Tyrion in a cell. The cells on Eeryie are open, overlooking a cliff, so the prisoners can jump to their deaths if they wish it.

Lorris is shaving Renly Baratheon. Lorris wants Renly to become king.

Robert talks with Cersei about the Targaryens. She asks about Lyanna Stark.

Stark finds another one of Robert’s bastards. The mother was the last person that Arryn went to see. The child is a girl. John Arryn tracked down all of the King’s bastards for some reason.

Whores rarely sink.

Ser Jaime comes to see Stark with some troops. This is about Tyrion. They draw swords. Instead of fighting, the Lannister orders his men to take Stark alive. Well, he did kill Stark’s guard with one thrust of his sword. Jaime and Stark fight. A guard thrusts a spear into Stark’s leg. Jaime isn’t happy with him. They leave with their warning being served. Stark said that Tyrion was seized by his orders.

* * * * *

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