Survivor Redemption Island Seems Like a No Brainer & Reunion S22E14-15 (CBS)

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Boston Rob made it through to the finals. Once Ashley won the immunity challenge, it was a no brainer to get rid of Andrea. Since Rob had the idol and both Nat and Ash knew he had it, they had no choice really to vote for Andrea. Boston Rob managed to beat Ash in the final immunity challenge to make his way into the finals. All that was left was to decide with whom he would go. Actually, Rob already made this decision weeks ago. It was just a manner of seeing if Nat would vote the way that he wanted to. In the end, she did and Ash got voted out. The jury had to choose between Rob, Nat, and Philip. Nat didn’t do anything in the game. She just rode Boston Rob’s coattails. Philip antagonized everyone. Boston Rob won Survivor. and the fan vote, which is pretty decisive.

This was a good season of Survivor. Interestingly enough, they will be bringing Redemption Island back next season. Also, two returning Survivors will join the running, which adds another layer to the game. I think that Redemption Island is a lot better than Exile Island. It complexifies the game, though it didn’t do much of a difference in this season. Both Matt and Andrea were immediately voted out upon their return. I think it would be a lot more interesting to put the evicted Survivors into a secret tribe of their own and allow them to pass unaware until the merge.

The way Rob was talking about getting rid of Grant, it almost seems as if it had been part of his plan all along to get rid of him at that point in time. Did he throw the immunity challenge so that Ash would win immunity? It’s possible.

* * * * *

Grant isn’t happy to be on Redemption Island. Well, actually he’s chill, but either Rob or Phil screwed him over. The fact that he thinks that Phil could have pulled this is remarkable. This means that Rob is playing a great game. Rob thinks that he’s the next biggest threat. Rob wants to get rid of Ashley next.

On Redemption, Matt is feeling better. Andrea is feeling shitty because she’s the underdog. It’s time for the final duel. Three of them will join the jury. One of them will rejoin the game. Matt prays with the others. He’s lasted 29 days on Redemption Island. The challenge involves resting one of their foot on one board. On the other end of the board, there is a vase. The last one standing rejoins the game. After 40 minutes, Grant is out. That’s disappointing. Matt is out after 1 hour. Holy crap. I didn’t see that one coming. It’s between Andrea and Mike. Mike is out after wiping his brow or something like that. Andrea is the winner. She’s back in. I can already see it coming. The girls might align in order to get rid of Rob. Rob still wants to get rid of Ashley, because she’s played the game better than Nat and Andrea. Rob is happy that Redemption is over. It’s kind of awkward that she’s back.

Andrea immediately starts scheming. She says that Mike and Ralph would vote for Phil. This is a lie. She’s just winging it. Ashley is trying to plant seeds of doubt in Nat’s mind. She says that they shouldn’t trust Rob. Meanwhile, Rob tells Phil what’s going to happen. They will get rid of Ashley.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. Nat and Andrea look a lot healthier than Ashley. If Ashley stays any longer, she’ll end up a pile of bones. She’s gotten extremely thin, it’s not that pretty. Andrea looks the healthiest of the girls. Nat’s also looking thin. For today’s challenge, they will race across a balance beam. They must gather some tiles in bags. Then, they must put together a board with the tiles, numbering from 1 to 100. This challenge favours the girls, since it’s balance-based. Rob is first. Rob has got a good lead over Andrea and Ashley. Nat and Phil are bringing up the rear. Ashley has caught up to Rob. Ashley is making quick work of the tiles. Philip is way behind. Ashley has a lead. She’s on her 4th and final bag. She will win immunity again. Wow, that’s surprising. Nat and Phil are out. Rob has lost some ground. Andrea has her 4th and final bag as does Rob. The last bag has 40 numbers. Rob has got a strategy. It’s between Andrea and Ashley. Ashley wins immunity.

So my guess is that Andrea is going home. Andrea wants to blindside Rob. Rob wants to talk with his alliance, leaving Andrea at camp. Rob has an idol. Tonight is the last night that the idol can be used. He’d be stupid not to bring it and use it. If he doesn’t, he could go home.

Nat and Ashley are talking about Rob and what will happen after Andrea goes home. There is the possibility of a blindside. They see that Rob is keeping Philip around. Nat swears that she will vote for Philip in the next time around. Philip hears them going off in the woods and talking for 15 minutes. Phil starts talking to Rob in front of Andrea. Andrea is confused. Phil and Rob leave to talk. Andrea takes the opportunity to talk to the girls one more time. Philip is confusing Rob. If Rob feels threatened, he will use the idol. Andrea says that she will vote for Rob. Nat is starting to realize that if she goes against Rob in the finals, she’s not going to win.

Rob isn’t really confused. He’s just saying that he is confused to knock him off his game or to let him believe that he believes him. Rob has played the game many times and sees this one coming.

In his VT, Rob is toying with the fact of not using the idol tonight because he likes to gamble. What an idiot!

It’s time for tribal council. Wow, Grant shaved his beard. He looks like a different guy. Philip starts to talk about being the undercover specialist. Jeff asks about the vote. Andrea puts her case forward again. Rob says that Andrea is a real threat. She’s well liked, works hard at camp, and does very well in challenges.

Votes to Evict

Andrea                 Rob
Nat                         Andrea
Ashley                  Andrea
Philip                     Andrea

I will be very surprised if Rob doesn’t play the immunity idol. He uses it. If he hadn’t, that would have been dumb. Also, it shows the jury that he found the idol weeks ago and had it all of this time, biding his time.

So the girls voted for Andrea, not Rob. However, Andrea played well. She shook Rob’s confidence enough for him to have a doubt about what Ashley would be able to do.

Phil is impressed with Rob. He suspected that Rob had the idol, but he didn’t have confirmation of this. Ashley and Nat give Rob a hug. They promise to go to the end together.

10 years, 4 times on Survivor, 116 days, 1 challenge for 1 million bucks, that’s what it comes down to. It’s pretty big stakes.
Boston Rob

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, they will race through a giant maze collection four bags of puzzles. Once they have them all they will need to solve the puzzle to put together a phrase. The winner has a guaranteed spot in the final 3. For the losers, there’s tribal council and one of them will go home.

Nat is immediately lost. Rob looks like he knows what to do. Ashley is following Rob. Ahsley and Philip are close behind Rob. Nat is still lost. She finally makes it to a station. Ashley and Rob are neck in neck. All three of them are at the 2nd station. Rob tries to lose Ashley but she’s quick. Too quick. Her strategy involves following Rob the whole way. Rob has the last bag. Phil is a bag behind. Nat has one bag. Rob is working on his puzzle. Ashley is close behind. Nat is out of it. Philip isn’t close. The puzzle is 3-dimensional. The puzzle is challenging. Rob and Ashley start working together. Ashley is making progress. Rob wins final immunity. He’s in the final. Rob starts to cry a bit. He’s made it.

Heck whatever happens now, I’m OK even if I don’t win. Which is ironic, because the only reason I wanted to play again was to win. But I feel like I did my best. […] Now I need to figure out which of these three idiots to send home.
Boston Rob

Rob’s strategy is to make Ashley and Phil happy. If Ashley is going home, he’ll have to convince Phil. He’s going to make them both believe that they are going to the finals. Rob talks to Ashley quickly.

I can’t wait to spend the day with Rob and Ashley, Philip-free!

I have 7 sisters. None of them is as lazy as that girl.
Phil about Ash

Rob thinks that Ashley needs to go because she made friends with the Zapateras. Rob tells Nat. Nat doesn’t like it and it’s possible that she will not go the way that he wants. Nat says that this vote will be hard.

Nat smartly doesn’t tell Ashley anything. Rob has been watching her back since day 1.

I would rather lose this game than lose a friend in Ashley.

It’s time for tribal council. Julie and Andrea are giving the finalists mean looks. Ashley says that she has a better shot at winning this game than Nat and Phil.

Votes to Evict

Rob                        Ash
Ashley                  Phil
Philip                     Ash
Nat                         Ash

Even when Ash goes to vote, Andrea gives her some mean looks. Well, tough luck bitch. You didn’t make it into the finals. Ash is out. Nat, Boston Rob, and Phil made it into the finals. Now, it’s in the hands of the 9-person jury.

It’s going to be interesting to see Ash in the reunion show. I wonder if she’s just naturally this thin, or if she’s going to put on some weight.

The next day, they get a big breakfast. Rob says that keeping Phil in was a lot of hard work. Rob is giving Nat pointers on how he wants her to handle the jury. Even now, he’s playing the game. Phil is burning his drawers. Phil says that it was part of the character that he was portraying.

It’s time for final tribal council. The jury walks in. Ash looks pissed. Phil is wearing a strange getup. He’s got his feathers and some red thing around his shoulders. It looks like a cape of some kind or a blanket.

Nat makes her opening statement. No one looks impressed. Phil says that he had to revamp his strategy when Boston Rob appeared off the helicopter. He doesn’t make much sense. Everyone is rolling his eyes, feeling bored, and rubbing their faces. Both of these finalists say that they are in the finals because of Boston Rob. By far, Boston Rob’s statement was the best. I will be surprised if Phil gets any votes. Andrea goes first. She doesn’t get much out of Nat and Phil. Ash is next. She gets into an argument with Phil. She thanks him for helping her with patience. Then, she moves onto Nat. She isn’t happy. Grant goes next. He wants to know the dynamic of the alliance between Nat and Rob. He’s nice to them. Ralph is next. Nothing important was said. Matt goes next. He tells Rob that he’s duplicitous, a liar, deceiving and manipulating. Julie says that none of them played a respectable game. Julie calls Nat a servant to Rob. Philip is antagonizing the jury. Mike talks about his Faith and God. Steve goes next. He calls Phil pretty shameful. David is next. He talks to the jury. He makes a case for Rob. He calls Rob ruthless but brilliant.

Votes to Win

David                     Rob
Andrea                 Rob
Matt                      Rob
Mike                      Rob
Ralph                     Phil
Ash                        Rob
Grant                    Rob
Julie                       Rob
Steve                    Rob

Reunion Show

Ash has put on the weight she lost. Nat is looking a lot different. Grant no longer has any dreadlocks. Rob wins Survivor by an 8-1-0 vote. That was a no brainer. Nat got no votes. What a surprise.

Both Nat and Ashley knew that Rob had the idol. He told them after the merge. Jeff asks Rob about what happened with Grant. Rob said that when they came back from Nicaragua, they communicated a few times but it stopped when a few episodes aired.

Jeff asks Mike to compare being in a war to Survivor. Mike just talks about God. Mike says because your life is not on the line it’s not the same. Russ congratulates Rob for playing an excellent game.

Jeff asks Phil about his strategy. His plan was to be the most villainous person in the tribe. It made sure that Rob saw him and the focus was off Rob. Phil and Steve shake hands and make up. Phil worked with the Defense Investigative Services as a special agent. He worked with the Naval Investigative Services as an adjudicator. Jeff has brought in an active Federal Agent, Diane Hardy. They trained together. People are still dubious.

Two people dominated the voting in the Sprint fan favourite. It’s between Boston Rob and Matt. Rob wins an extra $100K.

David is dating Carolina from Survivor Tocantins. David actually proposes to Carolina.

In the next season of Survivor, Redemption Island is back. It will take place in the South Pacific. Two returning players will come back as well. It’s called Survivor: South Pacific.

* * * * *

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57 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Seems Like a No Brainer & Reunion S22E14-15 (CBS)”

  1. Ahhh, Rob got what he wanted. As soon as the finalists were determined I knew Rob’s bank account was going to have a few more zeros behind the balance. I thought it was a fair outcome. He deserved it.

    I was surprised at Grant’s attitude toward Rob at the Reunion Show. Rob hadn’t said or done anything on the aired episodes that mocked or belittled Grant. In fact, I had the sense Rob really thought of Grant as friend, in the game and afterwards. Rob said he was playing the game and his mission was to get to the end, not to make friends. I’m not sure what Grant saw on those episodes, maybe the realization that he played right into Rob’s hands. Maybe that’s why he’s taking it so personally. Hey Grant, it’s a game, man! Get over it.

    Did it ever air that Rob told Nat and Ashley he had the Immunity Idol? I don’t recall it. I thought no one knew. There was a moment when I thought Rob was going to be the biggest idiot on Survivor after playing the best game, by being overly confident and not using the Idol. It would have made a good nail-biter at Tribal if Rob decided not to use it. But he came to his senses after all. And now we know he didn’t have to use it after all. In retrospect, it was smart that he told those girls about it. They knew they couldn’t vote him off.

    I enjoyed this season and, as usual, thanks for the great recaps.

    And we just might see Russell again one of these days, but I think his glory days of Survivor are over. Rob is the all-time champ as the Best Player ever. Russell can’t top that. He might as well take his hat home and hang it up for good.

    I’ll see you next season! I still like your idea better of a secret tribe but that won’t happen next season because Jeff already announced Redemption Island will return. Now that players know how it works, it will be interesting to see how they use it to their advantage.

    Thanks again, I’ll be back in a few months so we can do this all over again!

    1. Yes, he definitely deserved to win. I think that he had mapped out all of the possibilities over and over in his head, and he knew exactly what he was doing all along. Grant was pissed to have been duped by Rob, but that’s the game. See you next season!

  2. The new season will be here in a couple of weeks and we will have to sit through another appearance of Coach! yuck, ick, gross… I hope he gets voted off the first episode so this season has a chance.

  3. I haven’t kept up with it either. Happened to see a commercial preview about it. More underwear again, but this time it’s some woman who said she hadn’t planned on stripping down to her underwear so soon. The men viewing might be happy about that. This might be another season of watching just to watch but I see nothing entertaining. We’ll see…

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