Game of Thrones A Golden Crown S01E06 (HBO)

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This new fantasy series is based upon The Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. Unlike other fantasy settings, since it is being broadcast on HBO, it features nudity and adult language. Unlike Camelot (Starz), which enjoys tearing apart Arthurian Legends, Game of Thrones is a compelling TV show. The premiere episode was on Sunday and the overall quality of the show, plus its unique setting makes it something to watch for the next few weeks.

It is also the polar opposite of a show like Spartacus, where there is so much nudity that it’s almost common place. In Game of Thrones, it’s part of the story and it feels like it’s an uncensored version. The story could be told without nudity and adult language, but it makes this show appeal to the target audience.

The most disturbing scene in this first episode involved the Queen played by Lena Hadley and her twin brother having incestuous relations. As a result, they end up throwing Stark’s son off a tower to keep their secret.

The story is set set in Westeros where “summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime”. I was surprised to hear that some US viewers wanted subtitles for this show. I mean, it’s in English. Granted, there are some different British accents, but it’s not like it’s so strong that it’s hard to understand. Those viewers who need subtitles should watch more international broadcasts.

All in all, I liked this show. I haven’t yet read the books, but it’s an intriguing setting and I and eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are quite complex, and the storyline will mix political intrigue with what will come through the wall of ice. Like many stories of this kind, there is a great evil that will come with the fall of winter, and it won’t be pretty.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Stark is back at being the Hand while Robert goes hunting. In the east, Dany becomes a queen in full, while her brother faces the penalties for being an idiot loudmouth. Tyrion is released and war is afoot, with the Lannisters calling their bannermen to Castlery Rock.

Stark mistakenly trusts Littlefinger, and that will be his downfall. This was a great episode and since I finished the book, A Game of Thrones, it makes perfect sense.

* * * * *

Lord Stark awakes to Cersei and Robert looking upon him. Jaime has fled the city. The King backhands Cersei for being an impertinent bitch. Like many scenes, this is right out of the book. I finished the first book last night and waited for a week before watching this episode. Stark is the Hand again. The King is going hunting. The King is drinking a lot.

Lord Stark is sitting on the Iron Throne hearing the complaints of the people. There are men going about the Riverlands. He identifies Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain. Stark is being manipulated by Littlefinger. Stark sends Lord Beric to ride to Ser Gregor’s keep to give the people the King’s Justice. Clegane is denounced, stripped of all titles and holdings, and sentenced to death. He has Pycelle send a raven to Castlery Rock to be summoned to the court to answer for his bannerman’s crimes.

Dany is playing with her dragon eggs. She puts one in the embers of a fire. Dany seems impervious to the heat of a flame. She picked up the egg and it didn’t burn her. Later, she has to eat a horse’s heart in front of the crones of Vaes Dothrak. It’s part of a ritual of acceptance so that the crones approve of the match. The crone is talking about the future son of the Khal. Dany pukes some up and swallows it down again. She calls her son Rhaego. The Dothraki start chanting his name. Viserys goes to Dany’s chambers and tries to steal her dragon eggs. Ser Joras catches him in the act. In Vaes Dothrak, weapons are forbidden. Viserys almost drew his weapon. Viserys leaves the eggs and leaves pouting.

The stallion who mounts the world.
The crone about the Khal of khals

Bran is dreaming of the three-eyed raven. Hodor brings him his saddle. Bran rides again. Theon wants Robb de call the bannermen to Winterfell and march on Castlery Rock to get Jaime Lannister. Robb reminds him that he’s not of Winterfell but of Greyjoy. Bran gets ambushed by some wildlings. They talk about Mance Rayder and Benjen Stark. They start cutting off the straps of Bran’s saddle when Robb arrive and unsheathes his sword. Theon arrives and shoots the wildling who was holding Bran hostage. They have a prisoner, Osha.

At the Eyrie, Tyrion wakes up facing the drop. He calls the jailor. It doesn’t improve his situation. He calls him again later. He wants a message delivered to Lady Arryn. He is brought before Lady Arryn. He confesses some past imagined crimes. He’s pretty crude. He asks for a trial by combat. She shows him the moon door down which they throw guilty people. Many men want to be the Lady’s champion. Tyrion wants to name his brother Jaime as his champion. Lysa says that the trial has to be today. Bronn, a sellsword, stands for the dwarf. The fight commences. Ser Vardis is in heavy armor. Bronn doesn’t even have a helm and is in light armor. He’ll try to tire Vardis out and then push home the advantage. Bronn kills him and throws his body down the Moon Door. They have to release Tyrion.

Arya continues her instruction with Syrio.

There is only one God, and his name is Death.

Sansa is doing needlework. Joffrey comes to see her. He gives her a necklace. He promises never to be cruel to her and gives her a peck.

Lord Stark tells Arya and Sansa back to Winterfell for their protection. He looks through the book that Arryn was reading. He realizes what Arryn discovered. All of the Baratheons have black hair. Joffrey is the first in generations to be blond. He must not be Robert’s son.

Theon finds Roz leaving for King’s Landing on a turnip cart.

Viserys barges in a feast drunk. He makes the mistake of insulting the Khal. He draws a sword. He puts the blade to Dany’s belly. The Khal tells him he’ll get a golden crown that will make people tremble. The bloodriders seize Viserys. The Khal puts his heavy golden belt into a pot to melt it down. The Khal takes the pot and dumps it over Viserys. He dies.

He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.

* * * * *

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