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This new fantasy series is based upon The Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. Unlike other fantasy settings, since it is being broadcast on HBO, it features nudity and adult language. Unlike Camelot (Starz), which enjoys tearing apart Arthurian Legends, Game of Thrones is a compelling TV show. The premiere episode was on Sunday and the overall quality of the show, plus its unique setting makes it something to watch for the next few weeks.

It is also the polar opposite of a show like Spartacus, where there is so much nudity that it’s almost common place. In Game of Thrones, it’s part of the story and it feels like it’s an uncensored version. The story could be told without nudity and adult language, but it makes this show appeal to the target audience.

The most disturbing scene in this first episode involved the Queen played by Lena Hadley and her twin brother having incestuous relations. As a result, they end up throwing Stark’s son off a tower to keep their secret.

The story is set set in Westeros where “summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime”. I was surprised to hear that some US viewers wanted subtitles for this show. I mean, it’s in English. Granted, there are some different British accents, but it’s not like it’s so strong that it’s hard to understand. Those viewers who need subtitles should watch more international broadcasts.

All in all, I liked this show. I haven’t yet read the books, but it’s an intriguing setting and I and eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are quite complex, and the storyline will mix political intrigue with what will come through the wall of ice. Like many stories of this kind, there is a great evil that will come with the fall of winter, and it won’t be pretty.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Stark is outplayed by others. He took people at their word instead of looking at the big picture. It was his downfall, though I do wonder if Lord Stark will die in this television adaption. He dies in the book and all in all, this is a faithful representation of A Game of Thrones. In the rest of the episodes, we’ll see a lot of war.

* * * * *

Jaime Lannister is with Lord Tywin Lannister, his father. They’ve just received the raven from King’s Ladning. Tywin is gutting a deer. Tywin asks his one why Stark is still alive.

A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep.
Lord Tywin

Tywin gives him half his forces, 30000 men, to get his son Tyrion back from Catelyn Stark.

A Lannister always pays his debts.
Lord Tywin

Lord Tywin is looking at the big picture and wants Jaime to man up, instead of behaving like a child.

Cersei comes to see Stark. He tells her that he knows the truth about why Arryn died. Bran saw them together. The Queen admits the truth. All of her children are Jaime’s. She’s aborted and gotten rid of all of Robert’s natural children. Stark says that when the King comes back, he will tell him the truth. She should be long gone.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Roz is one of Littlefinger’s whores. Littlefinger goes on about Catelyn and Stark. He loves Catelyn and can’t have her. I guess this is the motivation why he wants to destroy Stark.

I’m not going to fight them, I’m going to fuck them.

Renly comes to find Stark to tell him that the King is dying from a wound caused by a boar. Even Ser Barristan couldn’t protect him from his folly. He names Stark as Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm. Instead of writing down Joffrey, Ned writes down ‘until my rightful heir comes of age’. Baratheon signs it and tells him to give it to the Small Council. He tells him to stop them from killing Daenerys. When he walks out, he tells Pycelle to give him the milk of the poppy. Varys wonders about the wine the King drank. Lancel Lannister gave it to him. Varys implies that the squire had something to do with the King’s death.

Renly talks with Stark before he addresses the council. He needs to strike right now and getting Joffrey out of Cersei’s influence. Renly wants to be king. Stannis, Robert’s brother, is next in the line of succession, since Joffrey and the other Baratheon children are illegitimate. Stark sends a missive to Stannis in Dragonbone. Littlefinger comes to see Stark. Stark tells him about the Lannister offspring. The crown passes to Stannis. Littlefinger tells him that it would be wise for him to ensure that Joffrey succeeds. He tells him what he should do, but Stark won’t. Stark wants Stannis as king because it’s the line of succession, even though it would be bad for the realm. Stannis is no king.

We only make peace with our enemies my Lord, that’s why it’s called making peace.

Stark wants the Gold Cloaks, the City Watch, in his hand. Littlefinger offers them to him.

In Wintefell, Theon tells Osha that where he’s from, they don’t have mercy for criminals. Even though he’s not a lord, he wants her to call him lord. Maester Luwin stops him from doing anything untoward. She tells him that she wanted to get as far south as possible from the Long Night that is coming. She says that there are things sleeping in the day that prowl at night. These things aren’t sleeping anymore.

Jon and Sam are on the Wall. They spot a horse coming back. It’s Benjen Stark’s horse. Benjen is missing. The new recruits get sworn into the black. They will take their vows at sunset. Jon and Sam want to go to the godswood to say their vows. Jon is part of the stewards instead of the rangers. Alliser smiles and laughs at this. Sam is going to assist the blind Maester. Jon is going to be Lord Commander Mormont’s personal steward. Sam tells him that he is being groomed for command.

Jon, Sam, Ghost, and some brothers of the Night’s Watch over the Wall to the godswood to say their vows. They are part of the Night’s Watch now. Ghost comes back with a hand.

Daenerys is talking to her husband the Khal about crossing the Narrow Sea. As with most Dothraki, he loathes the sea.

In the market, Ser Joras meets Vary’s contact. He’s received a royal pardon. He can go home now when Daenerys dies. Daenerys goes to buy some Dornish wine. Ser Joras intervenes. He makes the seller drink his poisoned wine. The seller tries to escape before, but the guards catch him.

The Khal is very angry but glad that his khaleesi is still alive with his unborn son. He pledges to give his son Rhaego the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms.

Lord Stark is summoned by King Joffrey and the Queen Regent. King Robert has died. Littlefinger and Varys tell Stark that everything is ready. Lord Renly has left King’s Landing with his retainers at dawn.

Joffrey wants to be crowned within a fortnight. Stark brings the letter that was written by King Robert before he died. It names Lord Stark as Regent. Cersei tears it up. Cersei tells him to swear loyalty to Joffrey so that he can live out his life in Winterfell. When Stark refuses, she claims him a traitor and orders him seized. Meanwhile, Joffrey wants everyone dead. Littlefinger and the Gold Cloaks turn on Stark and he is seized instead.

* * * * *

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