Primeval S05E02 (ITV)

Old Primeval cast, via Wikipedia

Primeval is a British science fiction drama television program produced by Impossible Pictures for ITV. The first episode was broadcast on 10th February 2007, and was renewed for a second series by ITV, which started on 12th January 2008.

The series follows a team of scientists who investigate anomalies in time and deal with the creatures that travel through. The team of five is led by Professor Nick Cutter, a palaeontologist determined to find his wife, who disappeared while investigating an anomaly in the Forest of Dean eight years previously.

From the Wikipedia entry on Primeval.

As much as the premise sounds ridiculous, the series is actually quite good. Things really get interesting when the predator from the future arrives in our timeline and wreaks havoc. The actors are good in Primeval and they have good chemistry, something that is completely absent from Torchwood. To confound matters even further, Dr. Cutter changed something by traveling into the past. Claudia Brown is missing and no one knows of her. He might have just stepped into an alternate worldline. However, clues are shown that there might be other time traveling agents involved. This show is really getting good.

Most definitely, Primeval is way better that the current season of Torchwood. Primeval is better than the first season of Torchwood. There are better action scenes, the script is better and it’s just plain more entertaining. The team is interesting and although Connor, Cutter and Stephen’s love life is a part of the show, it’s part of the fun. Connor is just the über geek.

I was pretty happy to learn that Primeval would be coming back in 2011. Cutter is still dead, as is Helen, and Danny has gone missing again, but Abby an Connor make it back. Immediately, some of the characters hint toward some kind of conspiracy. The whole PPP conspiracy with Burton is getting repetitive. Each episode, there’s some new secret that he’s working on with Connor, who can’t say anything to the rest of the team. In this episode, there is a large burrowing insect that comes from the future. Matt unusually knows a lot about it, but won’t say why.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A UK sub makes contact with a creature.

Matt tells Abby that last year, Philip brought a decommissioned power station. Abby wants to talk to Connor, but Matt says that it’s best to leave him aside. Connor isn’t telling Abby what he’s working on. Connor is using a Tombow ABT to write on his plans. Abby sees the name New Dawn on the plans.

They’ve picked up an anomaly in the middle of the North Sea. The admiralty calls Lester. They have a creature problem. Connor, Abby, and Matt go to the sub. The captain isn’t happy to see them, and he lets him know as much. The creature is a juvenile therapod that was sucked through an anomaly. The creature is still alive. It’s in shock. Matt and Connor are modifying a torpedo to lock the anomaly.

An admiral comes to the ARC to oversee the matter.

A therapod attacks the sub. The captain and primary power are out. They’ve also allowed the juvenile out of the freezer. It goes on a rampage. The sub is heading directly to the anomaly. They are drifting toward the anomaly. They go through it. That’s not good. There will be quite a few monsters on the other side, and they won’t be juveniles. The captain has a concussion. Abby and Matt will try to repair the propeller. Connor is going to try and repair the electrical damage. The admiral sends in a nuclear sub. He plans on blowing up the anomaly.

Another crewman is killed by the therapod. Abby and Matt see another creature coming close to them. Connor tells them to seal themselves in the conn. The creature attacks the minisub. It’s a pliosaur and it brought friends. They cut he power and play dead. They manage to get back safely.

The admiral thinks that nuking the anomaly will work. It will, but there’s no telling what will happen on the other side of the anomaly. Matt and Abby go after the therapod. Connor has got one fuse box left. The pliosaurs start attacking the sub. The sub has sprung some leaks.

The admiral gives the go-codes to a nuclear sub, which was stationed nearby. Connor shocks the therapod and they have found the final fuse box. They restore power. Matt plans on sending the therapod through a torpedo tube to distract the pliosaurs. The plan works.

They fire the torpedo but the other sub comes through the anomaly. They try and abort the torpedo, but it’s too late. It passes within a few feet of the sub. It’s still heading towards the anomaly. They fire the other torpedo and seal the anomaly. The torpedo still went through. They don’t know if it was aborted in time.

The PM calls the admiral. He’s not pleased with the way he handled the situation.

As soon as he’s back on dry land, Connor calls Philip with a new idea. Abby tells Connor that Philip is dangerous and that he needs to pull away. Connor’s minder is not going to be happy with Abby. Connor thinks that Philip is a good man and that what they are doing is important. Abby hands Matt information she dug up on Emily. Her husband committed her to Bedlam.

* * * * *

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