Covert Affairs Begin the Begin S02E01 (USA)

Covert Affairs title card

Following the success of Burn Notice, USA is trying another espionage-based series. While I didn’t expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Granted, Piper Perabo helps, and while she doesn’t look like a 20-year old anymore, she looks young enough to fit the bill for the title character. I find it surprising that a young CIA trainee would be put directly into the field. Also, it’s my understanding that on domestic issues, the FBI runs the show, not the CIA. The CIA has the operational directive of anything out of the US. I am unsure that it’s legal for the CIA to run a domestic operation, but I could be wrong.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Annie is back on the beach with her spy lover Ben Mercer at a Naval Hospital in Guam. She’s coaching him for his debrief polygraph. Some people shoot up their room. They make it to the guardhouse and go back home. Jai welcomes them home. He says it won’t be easy for a loner like Ben. Annie comes home and finds out that the garage was broken into a few days ago. There must be new bugs in place. She tells Auggie about the break in. They are trying to figure out who attacked them in Guam.

Joan briefs her on the new op. An Estonian is facilitating a deal with the Russians to help them mine Promethium, a rare radioactive element. They are targeting Nadia, a pro seated tennis player. She’s Mirosov’s mistress. She has been an asset for the last 3 years, but missed the last two drops. Annie meets her and Nadia messes up the script. Annie thinks that Nadia is in danger. Auggie briefs her on how to get Nadia alone. Annie meets her in the sauna. She sees that Nadia was beaten up. She doesn’t want Annie’s help.

Joan authorizes them to check up on her with more assets. Joan gives Arthur advice on how to deal with his situation, but he won’t take it. Arthur tells Jai that it might be best to keep his distance. He’s under investigation.

The CIA team is surveilling Nadia. Annie almost blows her cover when she thinks that champagne bottle pops are gunshots. The CIA authorized a full sweep of Annie’s place. Annie needed to get her sister out of the house. Instead of doing what she’s told to do, Annie is continuing to surveil Mirosov. Annie is told by Auggie to take it easy. The sweep turned up nothing. She finds Ben gone and all records of his presence at the Naval hospital have been deleted. She goes to see Joan at her house. Joan implies that she should detach herself from Ben and see him as an asset. She implies that he’s safe and that she knows where he is.

The assassins in Guam were a Belgian and Finn. They were hired to take out Ben. While he’s talking, Annie realizes that Nadia is the assassin and the Mirosov is the target. Mirosov is planning on going against the Kremlin for the mining rights in Estonia on the lands that he owns. One of the men meeting Mirosov is Peter Koit, a South African mining magnate. Nadia is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Auggie gets Mirosov out of the match. Annie gets Nadia. Her coach is FSB, Russian Secret Service. The coach forced her to plan a hit on Mirosov. They get away in a Town Car. The coach is in pursuit. Annie manages to make the other car crash.

Joan is surprised to find out that Arthur hired the lawyer he suggested.

Auggie found the kids who broke into the garage. Annie tells Nadia that the CIA is offering her asylum in the US, but that’s it. There won’t be any more money and she can’t play any more tennis.

Arthur meets with Ben. He welcomes him back to the Agency. He gets a good offer. He can’t talk to Annie. He will be autonomous and off the books.

* * * * *

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