Nurse Jackie Orchids and Salami S03E07 (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia

Following the framework of previously established dramadies on Showtime, Nurse Jackie aims to show the life of a RN working at a busy hospital who pops pills and leads a double life.

Nurse Jackie has already created some controversy because of its content. The show is for mature audiences and tells a story about a hard working nurse, dedicated to her job, but with a habit.

This show is a lot better than Hawthorne. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but the situations that Jackie gets herself into are amusing. She’s cheating on her devoted husband with her pharmacist, who supplies her with pills. She deals out her own kind of justice in order to make things right in her own eyes.

Nurse Jackie is entertaining and between all of the new medical dramas, Hawthorne, Mercy, etc., it’s definitely the best.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Grace had a bad dream. Jackie is being a good mom. Then, she goes see Bill to pick up some dope. She meets Sam there. Bill is a NA sponsor.

Zoey’s jacket looks like a morning robe. Last night, Kelly, the new nurse, paid for drinks for everyone. Gloria is pumping Kelly for info for info about Lilly at Bellevue. Zoey is blogging about nursing.

Kevin finds some of Jackie’s pills in the car. He knows that she’s using.

Coop is having a bad day. His day gets better when he meets a Mohawk ironwalker. Jackie is spacing out. A kid called in for his mom, who’s had a sort of overdose. Jackie tries to defend the druggie mom to her son. At the same time, she’s ignoring Kevin’s calls.

She manages to lie her way out of the situation.

* * * * *

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