Teen Wolf Pilot S01E01 (MTV)

Teen Wolf title card

Following the success of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, it was only a matter of time before another supernatural series, in this case about werewolves, would grace our screens. This time around, it’s on MTV and that’s about all that there is to say about this. The setting is your typical teen drama, about an angst-ridden outsider (you wish), who becomes popular because of his new abilities.

It’s honestly pretty bad and I don’t really like it at all. I fast watched eps 2 and 3 and it just gets worse. The ‘werewolves’ are sort of stuck in an in-between shape, that’s fugly as hell and not that impressive. Obviously, we’re dealing with a teen TV show, so there not much in lieu of budget. In my opinion, it’s best to skip this show.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The last Teen Wolf movie I remember had Jason Bateman in it and it was a sequel to the 1985 Michael J movie. It’s been a while since someone tried to capitalize off of Twilight’s success. I guess we had this one coming.

Some kid comes to see the protagonist to say that a body was found in the woods. They go to the Beacon Hills reserve. Apparently, only half of the body was recovered. They are looking for the other half. The main character Scott has got asthma. Styles gets caught by his dad, the sheriff. Scott is left alone in the woods while the Sheriff escorts his delinquent kid back home. Scott comes across a bunch of deer running away from something. It’s a werewolf of some kind. Scott finds the other half of the body and falls down a slope. He sees a werewolf in the distance who jumps him. For some reason, he manages to get away and isn’t torn into pieces. He realizes that he got bit by the thing.

The next day, Scott goes to school. A kid named Jackson has got a Porsche Cayman. Scott learns from Styles that he got bit by a wolf. Styles says that there are no wolves in California.

Scott discovers that he’s got enhanced senses. Alison is a new student from San Francisco. Scott is kind of creepy stalker like. Alison is drafted into the popular people’s clique lead by Lydia and Jackson. During lacrosse practice, the coach puts Scott in the goal expecting him to let his teammates score a bunch of goals. Instead, he stops them all, including one from Jackson.

Later, Scott tries to explain what is happening to him to Styles. Styles says that he’s got lycanthropy, as a joke. They are trying to find the inhaler Scott dropped as well as the body. Some douche drops off his inhaler and says that they are on private property. His name is Derek Hale and his family burned to death 10 years ago. Scott goes to work at the animal clinic. He discovers that his bite has healed. The dogs won’t like him, and neither do the cats.

Alison knocks at the door. She hit some dog and is freaking out. He dominates the animal with his gaze and gets the bitch into the clinic. He splints the bitch’s broken leg and flirts with Alison. He asks her to go to the party with him. That night, he dreams of the werewolf. He plunges into somebody’s pool. He was sleepwalking.

Jackson confronts him about the kind of juice he’s taking. Jackson will say that he’ll find out what’s going on with him. Scott plays some lacrosse. WTF. Scott makes the first line. Styles does some research on werewolves. It’s funny how the research that they do on TV always involves printing shit out on paper. Double WTF. Styles thinks that Scott is a werewolf.

During the party, Scott freaks out and starts to change in his bathroom later.

In the woods, Scott meets Derek. There are some hunters after them, using bows and arrows, including white phosphorous flares to blind him. Derek helps Scott and they escape. He says that hunters have been chasing their kind for centuries. They are brothers now. He will need his help to get through this.

Styles comes to find him the next morning. The lead hunter is Alison’s dad.

* * * * *

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