My Daily Tweets 06.14.11

  • Every time you eat at Olive Garden you kill an Italian kitten. 22 hours ago
  • Stumbleupon does drive lots of traffic, but people who stumble into Starbucks to use the bathroom aren’t good customers, ya know? 20 hours ago
  • @itsminhvybitch tu les as trouvées ou? Moi, jen cherche des vertes 2 minutes ago
  • @parislemon oh right, that’s what you’re doing. Must be mind-numbingly boring at times. 3 minutes ago
  • Not that interested in that Terry Pratchett doc. People have a choice. 4 minutes ago
  • That’s why it’s not something new. Baelor’s statue was a bit small though. 5 minutes ago
  • Finally watched Game of Thrones eps 8 and 9. Been a while since I read that part, a few weeks at least. I’m in #AFeastforCrows. 5 minutes ago
  • That was a strange email from a someone’s insurance company. Smells like a scam. Whatever 6 minutes ago
  • @parislemon sucks ass. I prefer block hours of work. 7 minutes ago
  • My god is process is awful. We now have a 90 minute break just 60 minutes after a 60 minute break. 2.5 hours of break for every hour of work 16 hours ago
  • J’ai reçu un Xème avis pour non-recensement “Ceci est un dernier avertissement avant que l’on viole tes enfants et brûle ta maison” Harper 15 hours ago
  • @typefiend that’s why sashimi rocks. I used to love red tuna, but now I prefer salmon. No rice involved. 7 minutes ago
  • If you were sexually assaulted or are a survivor/victim of incest/abuse, you can call the Mtl Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line 514-934-4504 13 hours ago
  • Parents and grandparents: this book is hilarious! Samuel L. Jackson reads ‘Go The F**k To Sleep’… via @citymama 15 hours ago
  • I want a bookmarklet like ‘Read Later’ but to do the opposite, something like ‘Never Again’. A block for anything I want to block online. 14 hours ago
  • @Tortue fait chier moi aussi de remplir cette merde. 10 minutes ago
  • @jeansnow well, you should just start reading the books like I have. They are quite good to be honest. 11 minutes ago
  • @Tortue lucky bastard. I have no time off this summer at all. That’s usual though. 18 minutes ago
  • 2nd shower of the day, AC on and I’m getting cool. 19 minutes ago
  • @wobblesmccoy From time to time, I drink a Passion Fruit tea w coconut jelly from Coco. 21 minutes ago
  • Bodey’s Computer-less Computer Desk 4 hours ago
  • iLive Clock Radio iPhone/iPod Touch Dock: An Analog Clock for Your Digital Device 11 hours ago
  • Make Your Own Franklin: Darth Vader 100 Dolla Bills, Y’all 11 hours ago
  • Primeval S05E03 (ITV) 20 hours ago
  • Even the cookies I eat are from Divella and made in Italy. 22 hours ago
  • Okra needs to be well cooked, and takes more time to cook than chicken breasts. 23 hours ago
  • Like many foreigners who’ve spent time abroad, I tend to like stuff from home, not asparagus juice. 23 hours ago
  • Leigh Yeager by Jeff Tse – ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 23 hours ago
  • I’ve been eating lots of okra recently. Tonight, chicken w onions and okra. 23 hours ago
  • “Maybe I should prepare more food at home” says a Taiwanese mom. 23 hours ago
  • Thanks to our foreign taste buds, I think foreigners in Taiwan might be less affected than locals. 23 hours ago
  • Good thing I don’t like Taiwanese bakeries either. My main pastry is bread covered in Nutella. 23 hours ago
  • China Focus: Plasticizer contamination triggers food security fear across Taiwan Strait 23 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I brew my coffee and tea at home. 23 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy My usual drinks include iced water (sometimes Volvic), Arizona lemon tea from the US, and some Fanta and Coke Lemon. 23 hours ago
  • And I don’t really like fruit jelly. 23 hours ago
  • my fruit jam comes from France (Bonne Maman) 23 hours ago
  • Rarely drink energy drinks in Taiwan, even less bottled tea (except Arizona lemon tea made in USA), 23 hours ago
  • “Taiwan are energy drinks, bottled tea and juices, fruit jam, and fruit jelly with ingredients made by Yu Shen Chemical Company.” 23 hours ago
  •… Nice recap 23 hours ago
  • figured out this whole 塑化剂 my grade 3 class was going on about. 23 hours ago
  • Tain in vain: on the ludicrous complexity of rail tickets. 14 Jun
  • Ticket prices for new high-speed #Beijing-Shanghai link announced. 410-1750 RMB. Seems like planes might be cheaper. 14 Jun
  • hmm time just flies away. I was supposed to be done by now and I still have 2 more posts to do. 14 Jun
  • Mojave by Susanne Kindt on Ben Trovato… via @bentrovatoblog 14 Jun
  • Emma Watson by Mario Testino for Vogue US July 2011 – Touchpuppet… via @Touchpuppet 14 Jun
  • Tuesdays are pretty sweet for me, schedule-wise. I was thinking about a burger, but I think I’ll get myself some chicken. 14 Jun
  • Usually, teaching winds down 2 less hrs during summer. I’ve always had to scramble for sub positions. Not this summer. I’ll be teaching more 14 Jun
  • I’m the sole foreign teacher 4 3 classes (it will go up to 4 during the summer). I wrote all of the chants & speeches. We’re practicing them 14 Jun
  • New school tried to make me do basically everything for their graduation in mid-July. Told them I’d do some, not all. CT need to do stuff 2. 14 Jun
  • Since I will be on break this summer (sort of, from graduate school, at least partially), I won’t have classes but I’ll go to school 1/week 14 Jun
  • Tech news mean that I should go for the updated MBA and wait for the iPad 3. 14 Jun
  • Trying to imagine having both a MBA and an iPad. 14 Jun
  • Researching Sobolev spaces. My thesis might have to do something with those. Also, we’re going to study them next term in Modern Analysis 14 Jun
  • Manage Productivity in 10-Minute Increments to GTD 14 Jun
  • Bordel que c’est crevant, d’être crevé. 14 Jun
  • Newt is trying to out crazy, the crazy… Nazis and communists, they NEED Jesus to stop by and check them. 14 Jun
  • Stacey: “I swear to god, Phoenix… if you do that again, I will turn your ass into grass.” 14 Jun
  • My Daily Tweets 06.13.11 14 Jun

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