Covert Affairs Advices S02E02 (USA)

Covert Affairs title card

Following the success of Burn Notice, USA is trying another espionage-based series. While I didn’t expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Granted, Piper Perabo helps, and while she doesn’t look like a 20-year old anymore, she looks young enough to fit the bill for the title character. I find it surprising that a young CIA trainee would be put directly into the field. Also, it’s my understanding that on domestic issues, the FBI runs the show, not the CIA. The CIA has the operational directive of anything out of the US. I am unsure that it’s legal for the CIA to run a domestic operation, but I could be wrong.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Annie comes to the office and finds everybody missing. She missed a memo, but it was just a subterfuge by Auggie to throw a surprise party for Annie. She tells him that he’s 6 days ahead but he knows that Annie is leaving for Paris. She has to cultivate an asset named Selma who works for the Syrian embassy.

Joan is leaving for jury duty. She’s convinced that she won’t be selected. Annie uses a handbag to get close to her. Annie takes Selma out. She meets Eyal there, the agent from Mossad. He’s the man that Selma met recently and it looks like he’s cultivating Selma as an asset as well. Selma bumps into someone from the embassy. Selma tells them later in the car that she’s going to auction off the location of Mahmoud Khanan, some terrorist. Eyal bid €30K. Annie bids €50K. She doesn’t go to the meetings she set with both of them. Her place has been ransacked. They find her dead. Eyal runs after the killer. The dude knows parkour. Naturally, we’re in France. It’s definitely parkour not freerunning and the guy plunges to his death rather than being saved by Eyal. He doesn’t want to work with Annie on this.

Annie figures out where Khanan will be. She goes there, takes a few pics and sees Eyal there. Later, Eyal lifts the camera from Annie. She sees him getting abducted. She follows him. It was the Syrians. It leads her to a place outside the city. Auggie helps her create a plan to get Eyal out of there. The Syrian is shot by Eyal, saving Annie in the process.

Joan didn’t get out of jury duty and has to ask Auggie to get her out.

* * * * *

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