June 13 to 19 2011

Beginning of clear days

I had some excess photos this week, so I’m posting them here. It was good week, somewhat busy and wet, as usual. Next week is the last week of school, but I’m immediately starting a paid math research project with my advisor, which is kind of cool. We’ll be exploring Sobolev spaces and the elasticity of some equations, numerically modeled in MATLAB.

By clear I mean clearer skies w/o rain

The wife is arriving this week and I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun. She was supposed to arrive in early May, but her DIY obsessions made her somewhat late. Summer also means the start of summer camp at my school. I’ll still be teaching K classes in the mornings, but in the afternoons, I will be teaching summer camp classes. This sounds like something where you’d be going out on field trips a lot, but it’s not. Basically, we teach the summer curriculum. In my school, it’s going to be magic tricks.

Interesting clouds this week

I’ll probably have lots of fun with the kids. I’m thinking about an iPad 2 this summer, but I will most likely get a MacBook Air once it gets updated in July and OS X Lion is released. Why? Well, the next iPad is on the horizon, some tech sites say that there might be a refresh this fall, but honestly I’m not sure. Either way, if I get a MacBook Air, I’ll be able to take it to school whenever I need to without it taking up too much space. My other Mac is a MacBook Pro 17.

My neighbor's Kawasaki

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