My Daily Tweets 06.29.11

  • Guernica / Andrew J. Bacevich: On the Mend? America Comes to Its Senses: via @AddThis 7 hours ago
  • Discovering my microbiome: “You, my friend, are a wonderland”… 7 hours ago
  • @ToddAlperovitz my CT found answers about that crying kid. 9 hours ago
  • For some reason, she drinks my atomic coffee late at night. That must not help, as it’s a macchiato, 125ml instead of a 30ml espresso 10 hours ago
  • Strangely enough, the wife is still napping. She’ll be up all night if I don’t wake her soon. 10 hours ago
  • All of the ingredients are already cooked. I only have to heat up the pita and make some hummus. 10 hours ago
  • had a mango smoothie when I came back from work. It allowed me to wait for dinner. Now that I’m done, time for the wraps. 10 hours ago
  • Came back and did some more work. Tomorrow is an easy day, like my Tuesday. I’ll have time to run, do some math research, etc. 10 hours ago
  • Well, since graduate school is out, not that long. But still, I got up this morning, went to work, had a nap, then went back to work 10 hours ago
  • And I’m done for the day. 10PM. Long one. 10 hours ago
  • @ToddAlperovitz One kid kept crying before we found a way to make him part of the class. Today he pooped his pants though 10 hours ago
  • @ToddAlperovitz ha! hadn’t thought about that. One of my K3 students is late frequently, but she’s a cutie and well behaved. 10 hours ago
  • $40,000 Speakers Make You Feel Like Marty McFly in Back to the Future 10 hours ago
  • @ToddAlperovitz love it when they say they were late bc they were watching TV or sleeping in. 10 hours ago
  • Soundfreaq Ghost Sound Platform: The (iPhone) Friendliest Ghost You Know 12 hours ago
  • NSFW Elisabet Garcia by François Berthier for Ever Magazine – ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 12 hours ago
  • Bo Don by Alex Freund for Gravure Magazine – ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 12 hours ago
  • Cayal Unger » Youth’s Decline » Art » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 12 hours ago
  • If it’s Flash based, then it won’t run on my MacBook since I haven’t got Flash installed 😛 12 hours ago
  • Don’t really like Facebook, tried Google Wave and disliked it, so that’s not saying much about Google+ 12 hours ago
  • The Xbox website: about as much fun as injecting vinegar into your elbows. 12 hours ago
  • Mizuno’s Foamless Running Shoes Stiffen Your Step | Product Reviews |… 12 hours ago
  • He only stopped when we played musical chairs, which he loved. He had missed the 1st game at the beg of class bc he was crying. 12 hours ago
  • I found it extremely funny, but he didn’t. Luckily I wasn’t teaching the class when it happened. He cried the whole way through though. 12 hours ago
  • K2 Crying Ryan had actually stopped crying for the last 2 weeks but today was back in full force when he pooped his pants. 12 hours ago
  • New kid in baby K class is 16 months old and a total cutie. Toddlers are so funny to watch and teach. 12 hours ago
  • Freaking rain today. WTF. Got so wet that I needed to dry my pants. Kids found it funny. 12 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy she’s also suffering from jetlag. She left Urbana-Champaign on Tuesday and arrived in Taipei on Friday evening w/o her bags 12 hours ago
  • True Blood is darn good. Loved how the season started. 12 hours ago
  • Tonight, chicken wraps. It’s kind of fun to do this since the wife is here as well. I don’t know if I’ll have time for a run though. 12 hours ago
  • First step, food. I have been quite good this week. Today, 2 smoothies, banana and mango, 1 egg sandwich, home made. 12 hours ago
  • Trying to get healthy again. Put on a bit of weight since I stopped training. Time to get back in shape. 12 hours ago
  • True Blood ep 2 was pretty good. I can see the tie-in to Dead to the World. 12 hours ago
  • Canadians get a 3-month free visa upon arrival in Taiwan now. That’s what my wife used. Nice. 12 hours ago
  • Your onus is my anus. 29 Jun
  • Experiencing that thing where some seemingly little thing happens and suddenly I can’t stand something I used to love. 29 Jun
  • @RachFee Happens to me when I’m working, tail end of the day after coming home, and I just need to finish one more post Restarting is 2 long 12 hours ago
  • And thus ends my month of jury duty in which I never had to do anything, and was dismissed after 20min three days out of the month. Bummed. 29 Jun
  • guy makes wife abort “accident” claiming they cant afford another kid, yet lines up for an ipad2 & buys a new harley davidson bike. WTF??!!! 20 hours ago
  • If I’d like to spend a week-end in Beijing, the visa and the plane alone would cost US900$, this is mental. I add 100$ and I can go to Fr 17 hours ago
  • Of course, XKCD sums up the whole appeal of Google+ rather well. 15 hours ago
  • @_MrsScarlett merci, je suis abonné maintenant 12 hours ago
  • @Naruwan agree. I was thinking about Futurama’s new episode Neutopia. Wasn’t really good and slightly offensive. 12 hours ago
  • When Your Desk Doesn’t Fit In Your Home Office 16 hours ago
  • LaCie Porsche Hard Drives: Speedy and Sporty, Just Like Their Cars 23 hours ago
  • Tiny Steve Jobs Still Makes More Money than You Do 23 hours ago
  • There’s only so far you can go before sarcastic sexism becomes actual sexism. 23 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 06.28.11 23 hours ago

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