My Daily Tweets 07.02.11

  • The Millions : The Lively and Maybe Lost Art of the Literary Reading… via @The_Millions 15 hours ago
  • @RachFee I like Dunkin Donuts’ cinnamon roll 15 hours ago
  • @jeansnow I agree, Falling Skies is boring, especially the soapy family bits. I want aliens and resistance fighting. 15 hours ago
  • New season of Luther is pretty darn good. That and The Shadow Line are some of the best UK dramas. 16 hours ago
  • And we’re back. Dang it, I wish they’d upload today’s TDF stage already! 16 hours ago
  • Facebook post: “Husband and I went camping! Lots of fun!” Twitter tweet: “How can I kill my husband and make it look like a bear did it?” 2 Jul
  • Autocorrect on iPhone just changed “fed the baby” to “f’ed the baby.” Shame on you, iPhone! 18 hours ago
  • Loooks like Twitter is over capacity. Can’t get any tweets via the website or Twitter for Mac. 17 hours ago
  • @test123xyz if you have any software that is either pirated or cracked, that you or someone else installed, those might be the culprits 17 hours ago
  • Vax Ex Cardboard Vacuum: Clean and Green 17 hours ago
  • Sony HDR-PJ50V Camcorder: Projector on Board 17 hours ago
  • D800 might come end of this year or next year. 22 hours ago
  • Might want to start looking for a second hand D700 coz my D200 is acting strangely. My wife’s D700 takes great pics compared to mine. 22 hours ago
  • 96% of all the candles sold in the US are bought by women 23 hours ago
  • Gonna give that new G+ skin on Gmail a try for a few days to see if I like it. Initially, I didn’t. 22 hours ago
  • Ugh, took a bit longer than expected, but I’m done w work. time to have some food. 22 hours ago
  • Wildfire threatens nuclear facility – The Big Picture –… 23 hours ago
  • Wildfires in Las Conchas 23 hours ago
  • The wife took a taste of my tea and made a face. She expected it to be sweet. This is my 2nd year of not putting sugar in drinks. 23 hours ago
  • Suits on USA is the first US legal drama I kind of like in a long time. Characters are interesting. 23 hours ago
  • Apparently NYC cops don’t like Dutch tourists riding bikes in skirts. WTF. I for one applaud this daunting tourist. 23 hours ago
  • Had to start my MacBook to download @TerenceTaoe‘s new math book based on his blog posts. 23 hours ago
  • He has been snooping on me apparently, checking my blog and feeds. Ah well, he’s a total douche. 23 hours ago
  • I don’t know what I would have done, probably called him a ratfucker or something like that and walked off. 23 hours ago
  • Wife told me she met an old boss of mine when she was out. Do I remember the dude? Yep, he made my life a living hell, as for my visa 23 hours ago
  • @jennymbutler can’t really do that with Spike, he snores too loudly and figets. Although he does sleep w me on the couch but I work. 23 hours ago
  • @thomashawk Only one good thing can come of this: larger HD. 23 hours ago
  • iA Writer: Favorite New Writing/Note-Taking App 23 hours ago
  • Illustrations by Charmaine Olivia | Cuded… via @cudedsite 2 Jul
  • RT @catherine_sr From Shu Flies: What does the Taiwanese blogger defamation case say about this country’s press freedom 2 Jul
  • @mathowie decided when I saw it that it wasn’t worth watching. 2 Jul
  • Drawing Electronic Circuits with Pen and Ink 2 Jul
  • My Daily Tweets 07.01.11 2 Jul

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