My Daily Tweets 07.05.11

  • @nguyenhimself uninstall any cracked or pirated software and the error goes away. 18 seconds ago
  • Alright, I might actually sign off right now instead of waiting till later. I have to skip all of my cycling related tweets and feed items. 13 hours ago
  • Then again, the wife loves my cooking and has trouble w doing it herself. 13 hours ago
  • Cooked some Udon noodles w chicken and veg. Wife declared it the best meal she’s eaten in a long time. I was surprised. It was good 13 hours ago
  • Time to relax and watch stage 3 of the TDF. Hadn’t had time to watch it before. 13 hours ago
  • Finished working at 7PM. WTF is going on? Summer schedule. I finish teaching at 4PM. Gives me ample time to finish at a decent hour. 13 hours ago
  • Randall Slavin for LoveCat Magazine #1 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 13 hours ago
  • Glad that I’ll run my own HM class in the fall. It’s a lot easier to deal w young kids when you teach them 17h a week. 14 hours ago
  • The annoying thing is that he’s learned to say OK even when he doesn’t understand, to placate adults. 14 hours ago
  • Meanwhile a huge K2 kid named Momo finds it funny to push other kids around. He’s as big as some Grade 1 kids and that’s dangerous too. 14 hours ago
  • I just ignored him. 14 hours ago
  • He relented after 30-40 min of crying. 14 hours ago
  • Crying Ryan was crying again today, loudly, but my CT wasn’t taking any of his shit. She made a few moves to drag him to baby class 14 hours ago
  • Since he doesn’t really understand much Eng, the CTs took care of that today. Its dangerous bc there r 16, 17, and 18 mths old in that class 14 hours ago
  • One of the toddlers I teach in a pre-K class always pushes, hits, and kicks other kids. He needed to be told that this was wrong. 14 hours ago
  • I also have another short story collection from Haruki Murakami. Nice ones. 14 hours ago
  • I might just switch to The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. 14 hours ago
  • Finished Dance Dance Dance last night. Really nice novel by Haruki Murakami. Back to Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis. It is harder to read. 14 hours ago
  • Long day at work. I’m already tired, but I’ve still got 2 more hours of work at home to go. Luckily, I know what I’m doing. 14 hours ago
  • Looks like I’ll have a HM Kindy clss next semester. Cool beans. 14 hours ago
  • @Naruwan My exposure to pop music comes from my wife. I listen to indie, electronic and techno mostly. 14 hours ago
  • Camille Rowe by Mason Poole for L’Officiel Ukraine June 2011 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 14 hours ago
  • Irina Shayk by JM Ferrater for Harper’s Bazaar México July 2011 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 14 hours ago
  • Koray Birand | PHOTODONUTS DAILY INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHY via @photodonuts 14 hours ago
  • Photography by Spencer Wohlrab on Ben Trovato… via @bentrovatoblog 14 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 07.04.11 23 hours ago

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