My Daily Tweets 07.11.11

  • TARDIS Socks: No Bigger on the Inside than Out, Still Bigger at the Calf than Ankle 1 minute ago
  • Animated Augmented Reality Tattoo Sings a Little Song 3 minutes ago
  • Beat the Ancient Rock Wraith last night, in Dragon Age 2. It was hard, but once you use tactics it was fine. The 1st time around was ex hard 7 hours ago
  • I was left w a little bit of coffee 2 brew a simple cup instead of a macchiato & it didnt hav the same punch I needed 2 get through the day 7 hours ago
  • Since I ran out of Sumatran beans, I had been drinking some Carrefour Pur Arabica coffee, which is OK, but not as nice as fresher beans. 7 hours ago
  • Bought some Torani Hazelnut syrup and Yirgachefe coffee beans (hand picked from Ethiopia) as well as Blue Mountains from jamaica. 7 hours ago
  • With so many big names out, it makes an interesting playing field. 7 hours ago
  • When I had read a tidbit about him being in hospital, I thought that he had ridden too fast down the descent, and taken a plunge. 7 hours ago
  • It was a riveting stage though, thankfully everyone is doing better today. Vino’s surgery went well and he’s recuperating. 7 hours ago
  • Throwing Hoogerland into a barbed wire fence. Kudos to both riders on finishing the stage. 7 hours ago
  • That was really bad, especially since it was TV Antenne 2/FR3 SUV. WTF. He just piled into Flecha, who crashed to the floor, 7 hours ago
  • Holy crap, that was a crazy TdF stage! The crash that took out Vino was one thing, but the Citroën that took out Flecha and Hoogerland… 7 hours ago
  • This years Tour de France not as dangerous as we might be thinking #TdF 11 hours ago
  • @victoriacheng @filination maybe then want to be ABCs 7 hours ago
  • Is being an expat cool or something? I keep meeting SG girls who pretend they’re an expat in SG because they lived overseas for few years. 14 hours ago
  • 2011 Tour de France Stage 9 Issoire -> Saint-Flour 7 hours ago
  • Done for the day, time to eat something (only had a 2-banana smoothie since I came home) & watch the Tour de France. Big crash apparently! 13 hours ago
  • Media blackout, but I still read some tidbits without wanting to. 13 hours ago
  • Dang, looks like a lot of shit happened in yesterday’s TdF stage, I need to watch it! 13 hours ago
  • Booger-eating Sylvia’s mom blames CT for not providing a mask at the Polar Expo. She got a cold. CT was the only one wearing a mask. 14 hours ago
  • The pre-K babies are no longer coming to see us. Too bad, I liked having 16 month Alice around. 14 hours ago
  • Meanwhile, this morning, there was sticker-gate. K2 kid named Darren stole Sophia’s sticker and she started crying hysterically. 14 hours ago
  • it was slightly funny. 14 hours ago
  • We had bets on which kid would pop their balloon first. Grade 1 Eric was totally scared after his balloon popped. He kind of cried. 14 hours ago
  • Throat hurts a bit after having played with balloons for about 90 minutes #lifeofagradeschoolteacher 14 hours ago
  • UNKNOWN: An easy combo — Taken/Bourne Identity — Not as good as those. 15 hours ago
  • Who can tell one HTC phone apart from others, and who comes up with these ridiculous names? lost in translation? 15 hours ago
  • Tired of the Starbucks brand, went to a local coffee shop and got some Birya and Blue Mountains beans+Torani Hazelnut syrup. 15 hours ago
  • The other kid I know who does that is a K1 kid named chloe. She’s cute, but eats boogers 15 hours ago
  • “Jesus Sylvia, stop eating your buggers” me in my head about grade 1 Sylvia, who constantly eats her buggers, liquid or otherwise. 15 hours ago
  • Didn’t get enough sleep this weekend though bc of Dragon Age. That means that I’m slower to GTD. Ah well, no one’s perfect. 23 hours ago
  • The Deep Roads in Dragon Age are the closest that I’ve come to the Mines of the Moria in video games. They fill me with dread. 23 hours ago
  • Dragon Age II is pretty fun, but Elder Scrolls was somewhat more immersive and expansive. 23 hours ago
  • wife took my phone, so now I have to use an alarm clock to wake up from my nap this noon time (12:45) so I can get to work this afternoon. 23 hours ago
  • Managed to beat the Archboss of Act 1 of Dragon Age 2 (Ancient Rock Wraith) in my 2nd try. You need to use tactics when doing the bosses. 23 hours ago
  • If you were sexually assaulted or are a survivor/victim of incest/abuse, you can call the Mtl Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line 514-934-4504 11 Jul
  • ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’ – Shaw | @LaphamsQuart‘s Food Issue is a must-read ( 11 Jul
  • Vol Speaker Combines Speaker and Dial 23 hours ago
  • SEED Concept: Your Personal Automonous Floating Camera Drone 23 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 07.10.11 11 Jul

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