My Daily Tweets 07.13.11

  • I’m thinking about a CL 65 AMG. Thanks Clarkson, POWER! 9 hours ago
  • Time for some TdF action. Hopefully it will be a fun stage. 9 hours ago
  • Finally finished for today. That was freaking long. Been up since 8, working since 9, finally finished. Did I eat? Yep. 9 hours ago
  • @jkottke In the books, Sansa looks like her mom Catelyn and she hasn’t got bright red hair. 9 hours ago
  • Girl Gamer Necklaces: Because Chicks Dig Video Games Too 9 hours ago
  • The Self-Stirring Mug: Pure Genius 9 hours ago
  • New TechCrunch isn’t so bad. I wasn’t that fond of the old design. 11 hours ago
  • Hitler reacts to the new TechCrunch design | 11 hours ago
  • My wife likes Minis, I think I’ll own an old CL55 AMG. Maybe CL 65 AMG if the price is good. 12 hours ago
  • The M3 isn’t as luxurious as the CL 55 or 65 AMG. 12 hours ago
  • I’ve always liked the CL class bc it’s a coupé and it will be good for kids. Checked out my fave M3 (E46). You can buy one for $15K 12 hours ago
  • The SL 55AMG is around 20-30% more expensive. Apparently, the CL class lost about $80K of value in the first few years. 12 hours ago
  • Kind of amazing, bc while the new models aren’t ugly, I like the 2nd generation of the CL coupés. 12 hours ago
  • Even better, the CL65 AMG, 612HP, 6L V12 costs between $23-35K. 12 hours ago
  • However, I discovered that the Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG, 01-05, can cost as low as $17K. That car retailed for around $120K 12 hours ago
  • I don’t like the new models and I owned this car from 04-06. 12 hours ago
  • I had a car epiphany last night, thanks to Top Gear. I had already noticed that my fave Subie, the WRX STI ’04 costs about $15K 12 hours ago
  • Once again 12 hours ago
  • Find me on G+ at 12 hours ago
  • Naturally Beautiful Wood USB Flash Drives 12 hours ago
  • We took the bus and MRT to get there. I took about 90 min from the time we got onto the public city bus in Xinjhuang. 12 hours ago
  • I’m sure we got lots of looks. I told the kids that no matter where I go, I always get looks. Even at home. 12 hours ago
  • While getting to and fro to the Beitou MRT Park was a bit of a pain, I had fun hanging out w the kids. 12 hours ago
  • “Female teacher raped by government official, police say it’s not rape because he was wearing a condom” 18 hours ago
  • I got wet enough to warrant the 7-11 umbrella I had to buy. Still got very wet. Field trip went 2h overboard, but it was fun 13 hours ago
  • shitfuck of a day outside. It was pouring cats and dogs. At times, there were at least 3 to 4 inches of water on the roads. 13 hours ago
  • Holy crap, I gotta stop playing Dragon Age 2 till so late at night. I’m operating w a clear sleep deficit. 23 hours ago
  • I never realized how terrible of a singer M.I.A. is. 13 Jul
  • Just kidding. I’ll play w it for a while. 13 Jul
  • Right, now that I am in G+, what will I do next? 13 Jul
  • My Daily Tweets 07.12.11 13 Jul

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