My Daily Tweets 07.16.11

  • 2011 Tour de France Stage 13 Pau -> Lourdes 16 hours ago
  • 2011 Tour de France Stage 12 Cugnaux -> Luz-Ardiden 18 hours ago
  • The equation of normality (Taipei+Wee-kend) = Rain #fb 16 Jul
  • Slide Show: Mark Twain’s ‘Advice to Little Girls’ by Vladimir Radunsky | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books: 16 Jul
  • The Taiwanese don’t really take scooter safety seriously. I wear full moto gear, but I see kids riding w/o helmets. 16 Jul
  • The worst drivers are the ones with expensive cars, expecting to be able to do anything bc of their expensive cars. 16 Jul
  • changed the brakes on my scooter (back) this week. Already got some good use out of them. Taipei and Taipei County drivers are shit. 16 Jul
  • I showed the kids Street Magic with David Blaine. I saw this years ago, but it’s still cool to watch him do stuff. 16 Jul
  • During the summer, my school is running a ‘magic camp’, which means that we practice tricks and learn about stage magic. 16 Jul
  • Being sick last night means that I have 2 Tour de France stages to watch today. 16 Jul
  • I don’t mind the TechCrunch redesign, but now the CrunchGear feed is tripled in posts. WTF. 16 Jul
  • Went back to bed and woke up 14h later. Got about 18h of sleep since yesterday. Feeling good. 16 Jul
  • Came back from work yesterday and went to bed for 4h. Woke up with food poisoning, did some #2 and then puked. 16 Jul
  • “I am  really three thousand years old and have dined with Socrates.” 1956 interview with Isak Dinesen 15 Jul
  • @UnlikelyWords Really amazing things. It’s all rainbows and unicorns and cocaine party pics. 16 Jul
  • Release notes: This update to iDVD was created to remind you of the application’s existence and woefully anachronistic purpose. 16 Jul
  • For the record, you are not the first to think of the Google+/Dante joke. 16 Jul
  • My Daily Tweets 07.15.11 16 Jul

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