2011 Tour de France Stage 20 Grenoble

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It was well known that both Schlecks didn’t really perform well in time trials, which turned out to be their Achillles’ Heel today as Evans rode clear of them and into yellow. He didn’t just beat them by a few seconds, he rode clear of Andy Schleck by more than 2′, which was impressive but expected, as Andy Schleck is nowhere near the timetrialist that Evans is. So this year, Evans will win the Tour de France since no one will attach him in Paris tomorrow.

It’s time for the individual time trial.

It’s 42.5km in length, and it was used in the Criterium de Dauphine, so some of the riders are very familiar with the course.

1. Cancellara 57:15
2. Koren +54″
3. Malori +56″
4. Westra +57″
5. Roelandts +1:15

Richie Porte (Saxo Bank) comes in with a new best time of 57:03.  Boasson Hagen is riding very well. He’s faster at the 1st and 2nd checkpoints. He passed the rider who started before him.

De Gendt is also riding extremely well. De Gendt (Vacansoleil) finishes with 57:02. He slowed down a bit on the last part. Hushovd finishes with 1:01:52.

Gilbert starts out by slipping his gears. Tony Martin passes Zandio (Sky). He used the Sky team car for a bit to slipstream ahead. Martin registered the best time on this course in the Dauphine, about 55′.

Boasson Hagen had to change his bike. His handlebar snapped. The change was pretty quick. He only lost a few seconds.

Tony Martin passes another rider, this time from BMC, who lost 4′ to Martin. Boasson Hagen finishes with 57:43.

Martin is 37″ than De Gendt at the 27.5km checkpoint. Sanchez finishes with 1:00:50. Hincapie finishes with 1:00:22.

Pineau’s uncle died in Gap on the morning of the race. Martin is  1:06 ahead of De Gendt.

Martin finishes with 55:33. That was a fast ride. Anker Sorensen finishes with 59:32. Barredo finishes with 58:31.

Urãn (Sky) is looking for a new team for next season apparently. Peraud (AG2R) started in 11th position overall in the GC. He comes out of the starting house very fast.

Gilbert finishes with 1:00:52. He had another incident earlier and slipped off his bike and almost fell.

Thomas finishes with 59:57. Terrible start for Contador. The crowd either started to applaud for him or his mistake. His foot came out of the pedal clip and the referee was holding onto him so that he left within the right time.

Casar finished with 58:36.

Contador gets booed. Roche finishes with 1:02:03.

Voeckler and Evans start the TT followed by Frank Schleck.

The crowd is cheering for Andy Schleck. Schleck departs.

Velits finishes with 57:36. He beats Boasson Hagen.

Contador is only 21″ behind Tony Martin at the 1st checkpoint. Evans made up 12″. Phil Liggett mistakenly reads it wrong and says that Evans is already the virtual yellow jersey.

Evans goes through the same time as Contador at the 1st checkpoint, 21″ behind Martin.

Evans is now 20″ behind Schleck. Andy is actually slower than Frank Schleck. It’s not looking good for Andy. Evans will end up in the Yellow Jersey today.

Now, Evans is 13″ behind Schleck. The lead is down to 9″. Now it’s back up to 10″. Andy really needs to power through in order to win.

Taaramae finishes with 57:36.

Evans is 4″ ahead of Schleck. Now it’s 9″.

Rolland finishes with 58:24. With that, he retains the lead in the White Jersey. Cunego has lost almost 2′ to Contador.

Now, Evans leads Schleck by 18″.

Danielson finishes with 57:41, the 8th best time. Nice one.

Evans is 7″ slower that Tony Martin. He won the Tour with the TT. Schleck trails Evans by 33″.

If Contador does a good TT, as good as Martin, he might go up in the standings, at least by 2 or 3 positions. He might beat Frank Schleck for a podium finish.

Basso finishes with 59:20. Sanchez finishes with 57:10. F. Schleck has lost 1:50 to Martin. He’s 17″ slower than Evans.

Contador finishes with 56:38. That’s the 2nd best time today.

Schleck is 46″ behind Evans. Now it’s almost a minute.

Cunego finishes with 59:12. Evans is 2″ behind Martin.

Voeckler finishes with 57:47.

Evans finishes with 55:40, it’s 2nd best and with that time, Evans wins the 2011 Tour de France. By tradition, no one will attack the Yellow Jersey on the last stage tomorrow in Paris.

Frank Schleck finishes with 58:14.

Andy Schleck finishes with 58:12. Andy gets 2nd while Frank gets 3rd.

1. Evans
2. A. Schleck +1:34
3. F. Schleck +2:30
4. Voeckler +3:20
5. Contador +3:57
6. Sanchez +4:55
7. Cunego +6:05
8. Basso +7:23
9. Danielson +8:15
10. Peraud +10:11

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