My Daily Tweets 07.23.11

  • @benenu You need to uninstall any cracked or hacked software. That’s what’s causing the error. 31 seconds ago
  • I have probably 30GB of mathematics books that I’d like to be able to consult while I’m not at home. 14 hours ago
  • While I’m reticent about buying an iPad, bc of the software issue, I might get one for next semester at school. 14 hours ago
  • The MacBook Air 13 costs $1,549 w the edu discount. In Taiwan it costs $1,800. That’s a big difference & I’ll buy my Apple stuff in the US. 14 hours ago
  • I think tonight I’ll play Dragon Age 2, been putting off fighting the high dragon at the Bone Pit, and watch Torchwood. 14 hours ago
  • Went back to the natural scrolling in Lion to see how it feels. It’s no problem, since my other comp is a desktop w a mouse. 14 hours ago
  • Police announces that the city centre is safe. #nrk #oslo #norway 14 hours ago
  • @purplelime But thanks. I find it annoying. I like the new gestures though, it makes the whole OS more touch-based, which is cool. 14 hours ago
  • @purplelime actually I’ve gone back to the natural scrolling, since I only use my MBP w Lion. I use a mouse w my PC, so it’s not an issue. 14 hours ago
  • Murdoch’s tabloid minions have nothing on the journalists of 1897 16 hours ago
  • A New Cat to Tame: OS X Lion Review… via @macstoriesnet 16 hours ago
  • Then, it’s the final stage tomorrow or the day after. Nice. 17 hours ago
  • What a Tour de France stage we’ve had in the Alps! Incredible! Tomorrow or later tonight, I’ll be able to watch the individual TT. 17 hours ago
  • I’m liking the three fingered pinch to bring up the launchpad, & also mission control. It’s great when you use fullscreen apps like iAWriter 17 hours ago
  • Upgrade costs will be about $200. My 500GB drive will go into my wife’s, who’s only got 160GB. 17 hours ago
  • Thought about getting rid of the optical drive, but I won’t since it’s the only DL burner in the house. But, I’ll add some more RAM too. 17 hours ago
  • Thinking about an HD upgrade, which would cost about $100, into my MacBook Pro 17. I’d get a 1TB drive, that would double my storage. 17 hours ago
  • Anyone figured out how to use the three fingered swipe to change ‘pages’ in Twitter for Mac? Ever since I installed Lion, it no longer works 17 hours ago
  • @purplelime No worries, best of you from Taipei. d7 hours ago
  • @purplelime I know, it’s so annoying. Same on my MacBook Pro. Tweet me if you find a workaround. 17 hours ago
  • 2011 Tour de France Stage 19 Modane -> Alpe-d’Huez 17 hours ago
  • I tried blowdrying her, but she wasn’t a fan. 20 hours ago
  • She was screeching like we were skinning her. Luckily, she couldn’t get away and didn’t really scratch me all that much. 20 hours ago
  • Decided to wash the dog and cat together today. The dog is no problem, he likes it. The cat is another issue. 20 hours ago
  • over 80 kids dead in #utøya they got the killer realted to #osloexpl as well.. they are still looking for missing kids… this is a sad day. 21 hours ago
  • @purplelime happy birthday Sam! 20 hours ago
  • Customers angry, staff defiant at China’s fake Apple Store | Reuters via @reuters 22 hours ago
  • ‘Converted’ via @tabletmag 22 hours ago
  • ‘Time Out’ via @tabletmag 22 hours ago
  • ‘Fall of Paris’ via @tabletmag 22 hours ago
  • X-Men First Class is good and The Dark Knight is excellent, almost in a class of its own. 22 hours ago
  • Recent superhero flicks are ‘Superbad’ via @tabletmag 22 hours ago
  • The End of the Space Shuttle Era 23 hours ago
  • Space shuttle era ends with Atlantis – The Big Picture –… 23 hours ago
  • Building Your Own Greener PC: Part 2 23 Jul
  • A very loud temple procession today made my wife chuckle, thinking about how it would annoy me while I slept. It didn’t 23 Jul
  • Got very excited about discovering time travel but then realized that I was just back-dating stuff in the test database. 23 Jul
  • Norwegian police say man arrested at youth camp shooting is linked to the bombing in #Oslo 23 Jul
  • Norwegian TV2 claiming suspect for Utøya killings belongs to far right extremists. #Utøya #osloexpl #oslo 23 Jul
  • Sky News naming suspect for Utøya killing. Norwegian telly only mentioning that suspect’s flat is being checked. 23 Jul
  • Also confirms that there are unexploded explosives at Utøya. 23 Jul
  • Utøya killer confirmed as Ethnic Norwegian by Oslo police chief just now. Suspect is talking to police and talking willingly. 23 Jul
  • The animation in in Lion when sending email is OSeXy. 23 Jul
  • My Daily Tweets 07.22.11 23 Jul

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