My Daily Tweets 08.03.11

  • @jennymbutler 🙂 I really like Haruki Murakami. His novels are very nice to read. 21 seconds ago
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Dispatches from Post-Revolutionary Tunisia: Dispatch 5: Ways of Seeing.:… via @AddThis 11 hours ago
  • Starting to feel the burn in my thighs from my run. 13 hours ago
  • @purplelime Yeah, hate that red little number. 13 hours ago
  • @jennymbutler Lunar Park isn’t an easy read though, but just like Palahniuk, it’s worth the read. 14 hours ago
  • @jennymbutler Nice, still reading Lunar Park, midway through Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and started A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin. 14 hours ago
  • I stopped seriously training when injuries plagued my knee at the end of 2008. Took up a lot of biking until last year. 14 hours ago
  • At my best, I ran 1km in 5min about, went out 5x a week, once for a long run of at least 15km. 14 hours ago
  • The most difficult is going out the first time. Once you’ve done that, the rest comes easier, once you’ve learned to endure the pain. 14 hours ago
  • When I was training a lot in 2008, I was almost 30lbs lighter. Since I stopped running last year, the weight has crept back up. 14 hours ago
  • I was a bit anxious about the run, but I went anyway. It wasn’t easy, and I’m slow, but I went out for a short run. 14 hours ago
  • (Ville-Marie) Autoroute 720 est : fermeture complète du tronçon entre les rues de la Montagne / Saint-Jacques et Saint-Laurent / Berri 15 hours ago
  • Fukushima disaster exposed: it was far worse than a nuclear bomb, says experts: 21 hours ago
  • @purplelime I open it every day to check if any apps need updating. 14 hours ago
  • 3.62 KM Short Run 14 hours ago
  • Done for the day. Time for a run? It will be hell since I haven’t run much this year. 15 hours ago
  • Hmm, I think I have time for a run. Gonna go right after I finish working on my post. I’ll try for 3-5km, first run in a long time. 17 hours ago
  • No matter how nice you are, that doesn’t work with K1. Other schools might have just fired him. My school is moving him to older kids. 17 hours ago
  • Older classes means grade school. He was making the little ones cry a lot bc he shouted loudly at them. 17 hours ago
  • I don’t know if I have a K class yet. My boss had some complaints about the K1 teacher, and she might shuffle him around to older classes. 17 hours ago
  • I’m going to get 20-26hrs next semester in one school, which is cool beans. They are still rearranging the schedules 17 hours ago
  • All of the cram schools are different. Even the branches are different. H M Banciao are a total fail in my book. Xinjuang is way better. 17 hours ago
  • All of the other schools usually paid me 2 or 3hours at the most, even when the field trip lasted 4-5 hours. 17 hours ago
  • Work involves a field trip. Unlike other schools, my school pays us for the full amount of hours. It’s the little things that matter. 17 hours ago
  • Got a late start, but had time for some coffee before I left for work. Tomorrow, morning meeting, getting my hair cut, and work. 17 hours ago
  • Really liking my 3-mango smoothies. 17 hours ago
  • Yoda also has one on the old shrine. She likes it as well. 17 hours ago
  • I bought another box of mangoes and gave the box to Spike. He’s been happily sleeping in it since yesterday. 17 hours ago
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Mr Bean. #highlowbrowfilms 18 hours ago
  • @Tortue y a pas un truc qui se nomme unrar qui fait ça? 17 hours ago
  • @Tortue j fait de meme. Les romans sont pas mal bons. Le dernier vient de sortir, A Dance with Dragons. En train de le lire. 17 hours ago
  • Goodbye Old Twitter, ’twas nice knowing ya. 20 hours ago
  • The iPhone Actually Has No Competition Where It Matters Most… 18 hours ago
  • Watched Inkheart last night: Shouldn’t a movie about the power of good writing actually have some? 18 hours ago
  • The Mysterious Case of Missing OS X Lion Icon Images 3 Aug
  • @jknits recently, while I was finishing the Song of Fire and Ice books before the new one came up, a few weeks ago. 3 Aug
  • Competent coworker remove a/c’s paper cover. Office mate is LIVID. 3 Aug
  • @The_Millions Working pretty hard during this summer, so no, no time off at all. 3 Aug
  • Is anyone else taking a reading vacation this summer? ( 3 Aug
  • Just announced: free Arcade Fire show during Pop Montreal on 09/22 – live broadcast on @CBCRadio3 Sirius 152. wOOt! 3 Aug
  • Pizza is like sex: It’s good even when it’s bad, and you can eat it anytime. 3 Aug
  • My Daily Tweets 08.02.11 3 Aug

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