5.37 KM Short Run

I took two days off from running, mainly because I was a bit sore and initially wanted to go for a long-ish run on Sunday. My left Achilles heel was hurting a bit on Saturday, so I took it easy over the weekend. I did feel somewhat rested. I could still feel a bit of soreness in my thighs, but it was nothing compared to how it felt like on Friday night, after my run.

Food-wise, it was somewhat of a purge from Friday’s burgers. I didn’t feel well on Saturday because of those burgers. I got some nectarines on Saturday, so I experimented with them in a smoothie. They were good, but I like the pure mango taste of my mango smoothies (3 peeled mangoes, ice, a bit of OJ in a blender). I do some OJ+nectarine smoothies which are pretty good. The mango smoothies are between 7 and 12 portions of fruit (1.5L-2L).

1 milk tea, 2nectarine+3-mango smoothie, 3-egg omelette.

1 milk tea, 2×chicken salad, 3-mango smoothie.

1 milk tea, 1 Arabica macchiato, 3-mango smoothie, salmon sashimi.

I completed 5.37 km in 46:40, with an average pace of 8:41/km, which isn’t bad. I took a lot less breaks and ran more. I can feel that I am adapting and improving my running stance to what it was before. I felt somewhat less heavier today and lo and behold, when I weighed myself, I was down to 89kg, which is 4kg less than last Wednesday. That’s a net loss of 8.81 lbs. Not bad. I’m already below 90kg.

The run felt good, and I tried to regulate my breathing. It was working towards the end. This was a good medium-type distance. Back when my average pace was 5min/km, I could do around 8km in 40 minutes.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 5.37
monthly km count: 17.5
yearly km count: 17.5


weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 19.88

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