My Daily Tweets 08.14.11

  • Torchwood The Middle Men S04E06 (BBC) 15 hours ago
  • Torchwood The Categories of Life S04E05 (BBC) 15 hours ago
  • Torchwood Escape to LA S04E04 (BBC) 17 hours ago
  • The Closer Forgive Us our Trespasses S07E05 (TNT) 19 hours ago
  • The Closer Under Control S07E04 (TNT) 19 hours ago
  • True Blood Cold Grey Light of Dawn S04E07 (HBO) 19 hours ago
  • True Blood I Wish I Was the Moon S04E05 (HBO) 19 hours ago
  • The Asics Japan Sortie Marathon Duo are on special at my favorite store. I already own a pair in the same color, but it’s hard to pass up. 14 Aug
  • Mainly bc I was outside all day on Friday w my students at the Taipei Zoo. Came back and was exhausted. 14 Aug
  • Ok, tonight going for a long run, 6-8km. That means I will have gone for 3 runs this week, not enough, but not bad. 14 Aug
  • Only reason I don’t have Eau Sauvage Extreme is bc it’s hard to find. I haven’t found it in Taiwan, and I talked w a Dior rep (landlady) 14 Aug
  • Smelle d what I have left and I’ll go with Eau Bleue d’Issey for now. Takes years to go through a bottle, even with daily use.14 Aug
  • Been years since I had some of my favorite cologne, Eau Sauvage Extrême de Christian Dior. 14 Aug
  • @metricjulie un panier a salade ou qq chose comme ça 14 Aug
  • The place seems empty w/o her. 14 Aug
  • @jeansnow Skyrim. No doubt. 14 Aug
  • The research grant will do nicely and pay off my school fees. 14 Aug
  • Since I don’t have anything major planned, it will be fine. I still have a month off until my graduate school classes start again.14 Aug
  • There are some plans of meeting up in December and going on a long holiday in South East Asia and I’ll try to visit our house during CNY. 14 Aug
  • And w that, the wife left to go back home to Urbana-Champaign. I’ll miss her, but I don’t dwell on it. 14 Aug
  • 10 non-fiction graphic novels to read:… 14 Aug
  • EES Packs Circuits Onto Skin: Beginning of the Modern Cyborg 14 Aug
  • Diesel SBA Black Out Watch: Perfect to Take on Your U-Boat 14 Aug
  • Maybe justice is an unlimited supply of tears, enough for everyone. 13 Aug
  • If Rise of the Planet of the Apes were about poor people instead of chimps, it would be denounced as openly Communist propaganda. 13 Aug
  • My Daily Tweets 08.13.11 14 Aug

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