My Daily Tweets 08.22.11

  • Ways of Letting Go of Your Electronic Leashes 4 minutes ago
  • 5 Easy Ways of Fostering Bilinguism in Your Child 10 minutes ago
  • Nooka Zub Zoo 40 Watch: Lets You Swap Bands on the Fly 13 minutes ago
  • Game Boy Swimsuit: Guys, Bet You’d Like to Push Her Buttons 15 minutes ago
  • Desfois je regarde des photos sur FB de mes “amis” et je ne sais même pas c qui esti. 15 hours ago
  • Hundreds of police officers caught illegally accessing criminal records computer – Telegraph… via @Telegraph 15 hours ago
  • Run or no run, that’s the question. 15 hours ago
  • Bit of an overbite. Bought some new mangoes, went for a different kind but kind of regret it 15 hours ago
  • Just saw an ugly Frenchie on Flickr. Ugh, he wasn’t pretty. 15 hours ago
  • Just finished work. 15 hours ago
  • Oh no I got caught in the snooze button loop of DEATH 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I do love backpacks. Getting two used ones on Thur for very cheap. 15 hours ago
  • French bulldogs are ratters, meaning they like to kill rat. They were used for that originally in France. This is why he wanted the hamster. 23 hours ago
  • A dog owner had a baby hamster with her yesterday in her pocket. Spike was after her and the hamster the whole time He was begging to get it 23 hours ago
  • A $100 tablet is a sweet spot that is hard to miss. App stores don’t really matter for these users. Heck, I would have bought one for $100 23 hours ago
  • Some people might wonder why the TouchPad is selling out. With jailbreaks and hacks, hardware is important but software can be found 23 hours ago
  • Unlike most backpackers, my pack tends to be on my back every day of the week. 23 hours ago
  • Recently, Spike has been wanking a lot more. He stops when I put him in his crate to go to bed. Otherwise, he’ll keep going 23 hours ago
  • I can hear the 3 cackling birds, but they are bugging someone else. 23 hours ago
  • Not sure how much I like the coverage of the Vuelta A Espana. It wasn’t that impressive. A lot of the favorites are absent. 23 hours ago
  • Almost finished w #LunarPark, #WindupBirdChronicle, and #Amulet 23 hours ago
  • I have and it’s on my reading list. I still have a few books to finish, but working hard on #ADancewithDragons 400p to go. 23 hours ago
  • Just made sure I have The Corrections in ebook format. 23 hours ago
  • UPDATE: Police say 37 injured, one killed in Goderich tornado. Downtown declared a “no go” zone. 22 Aug
  • OMFG 7 years later and @fiickr finally has put testimonials in the recent activity stream. Well done indeed. Somebody should get a raise. 21 Aug
  • A look at what Obama’s been reading. via @percolate 21 Aug
  • @Joelle_writes @kristenlubbe I really hate that though, bc we work pretty darn hard. Anyway, I hope our vacay isn’t cancelled either. 23 hours ago
  • FLASH: Al Jazeera says brigade in charge of Gaddafi’s security surrenders and lays down arms 22 Aug
  • Mad Maxing it in Libya… 22 Aug
  • All right, the wife is almost home and I can go back to my regular self. WTF 23 hours ago
  • FLASH: Gaddafi repeats call for Libyans to “save Tripoli” in speech on state TV 22 Aug
  • “If you own more than two self-help books you need to stop buying them.” – Merlin Mann 22 Aug
  • My Daily Tweets 08.21.11 23 hours ago

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