Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E03 (C5)

Tara says that both Darryn and Sally snore. Amy offers to swap. Paddy is doing some running. Jedward are preparing a bubble bath using an entire bottle of dishwashing liquid.

This is the first recap episode. The last two were live eps. BB tells Kerry that she has to keep bing a diva until the HM choose which HM is the most diva-ish.

Paddy is doing some laps in the pool. Tara is sunbathing with Bobby. Tara looks pretty hot. They both like Kerry.

Amy tells Jedward that she still lives with her parents. She’s unpacking her 11 swimsuits. Amy says that when they go out, she will take them out to some club and dress them up like a proper Essex boy.

Darryn asks Sally what she wants to do. She says that she would love to be a Labour MP but it probably won’t happen because of the bed sheet incident.

Jedward unpack their clothes. They have a lot of them.

Kerry has got a long tongue and shows it off. Paddy is cleaning up.

The Speaker doesn’t mop the floor, does he?

Jedward are cleaning the windows.

Amy and Kerry are in the sauna.

Bogeys in my nose.

Jedward are still cleaning a bit later. Lucien and Bobby join Amy and Darryn in the sauna. For some reason, Lucien tells Amy to f*ck off over a comment. Before he said that he didn tget her banter. He was just messing with her.

Pamela and Amy are talking about their exes. Amy met the Hoff.

The HM ask Jedward if they ever had girlfriends.

BB is playing crowd noises into the house so that the HM don’t hear the noises of the live show. They will be told the results and consequences of failing the task. She will get nominated and will have to nominate 2 other HM. She nominates Bobby and Sally. She comes out and starts to cry. That’s nice, she showed some genuine emotions.

Sally has locked herself in the toilet. She’s crying. She tells Kerry that she’s fine. Bobby comes to the diary room.

It’s Darryn’s 46th birthday. The HM get a party. Jedward use the helium to change their voices. It’s funny. Later, they run away to clean up the chocolate on their faces. They complain about spots on their faces.

I was so cold that my nipples are so hard right now that they hurt.

Tara doesn’t understand Paddy who is offering her another top to warm her up.

I don’t know what left wing and right wing are.

* * * * *

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