Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E05 (C5)

Late last night, Bobby and Lucien rearranged stuff in the kitchen. Lucien put frozen peas in the cutlery drawer. Darryn is the first to notice. My guess is that the HM will be punished.

For some reason, Jedward slap some of the HM in the face. Wasting food is stupid.

Bobby and Lucien come to the diary room. They don’t get punished.

It’s hair wash day for Jedward. They are total idiots. They used all of Sally’s shampoo.

Amy is talking about her fake boobs. Jedward have got their hairy down.

On planet Jedward, nothing matters but the hair.

Kerry is talking about her appearance on some morning show. She looked like a total heroin addict.

My vadge ain’t been in there babes.

Sally is talking to Paddy about being a politician’s wife.

The HM are talking about Darryn. Tara says that he is really hard against her. He’s got a vendetta against her. Yesterday, Darryn upset Tara by calling her the enemy. Today, Tara and Darryn talk. Darryn says that he likes her. It was just a joke.

BB has called Sally to the diary room. She gets a task. She needs to design outfits for everyone using bedsheets.

I’m going to vajazzle my knob.

Amy looks hot. Darryn looks like a refugee from Mad Max. It’s not the bed sheet. He always looks like that. Tara isn’t wearing much.

Amy has to explain what a camel toe is to Paddy.

Kerry talks about the time that her house was robbed by 3 masked men.

They’re not normal, but none of us are.
Darryn about Jedward

John comes up with it and Edward puts it together.
Bobby about Jedward

Bobby and Lucien are talking about Amy.

They’ll probably take you down and you won’t escape. They’ll probably break you. Snap you in half.
Edward about Paddy and Darryn when Amy asks him if he wants to cuddle

John comes in. He goes into Amy’s bed. Edder goes into the other side. It’s making the HM laugh.

Darryn has come to the diary room. He’s had a good day.

Lucien and Kerry are telling jokes to themselves. Bobby joins in.

It’s not about which car you drive, it’s about how much money you have.
Kerry joking to Lucien.

* * * * *

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