Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E06 (C5)

Jedward make some kind of face mask out of some cucumbers. Before going to the gym, Darryn asks Jedward to clean up their mess so that he can cook. Tara is also getting a facial. The masks start to burn.

Kerry, Bobby, Paddy, and Darryn are in the gym.

Sally is not impressed at how messy the house is.

I’m a mumbling mess.
Lucien about himself around Amy

Later, Darryn whinges to Sally about Jedward. Darryn gets worked up. He goes to see Jedward.

Bobby and Paddy are spending some quiet time int he sauna. Sally and Darryn are talking about how to clean. Pamela annoys Sally.

It will just get done when it needs to get done.
Pamela about cleaning

Sally calls a cleaning meeting. They agree on a system. Two HM clean in the morning, in the afternoon, and at dinner.

Tara and Lucien are talking about Sally. Lucien says that Sally and Pamela are at war, trying to take control.

Jedward take some of Darryn’s pasta baked with tuna and to into the bedroom. They immediately flush it downy he toilet. They were gone for about 10 seconds.

Kerry immediately figures out that Jedward threw it away. Everyone knows it now.

Jedward want to put together some TV show. They make a mess again of the leftover food. Paddy discovers it. Jedward want everyone to come, but no one does. Jedward pull Amy’s bikini bottoms to get her up. It gives her a wedgie and she’s annoyed. She swears at them.

The only HM that join Jedward and Tara are Bobby and Lucien.

Kerry cleans up the mess that Jedward made. She puts the food back into the plastic container.

Tara is in the diary room. She says that Pamela is a bit crazy. She always wants attention.

Amy talks with John. She tells them to be careful and not do it again. He shouldn’t do that to anyone else, or they’ll be in trouble.

Darryn has calmed down. Jedward are washing their clothes in the bathtub. Sally and Kerry are talking about the nominations and nomination process.

Darryn is called into the diary room. He gets a task. He needs to snap some photos.

He asks Mumbles to pour ice water over Amy. It doesn’t produce any results. However, he gets some other snaps.

BB gathers the HM to reveal the results of Darryn’s task. Darryn passed the task. He wins the HM a party.

Pamela is talking about herself and something she did and it cracks Tara up really bad. She has to leave the room to laugh it off. Kerry, Sally, and Lucien are there. They are all laughing.

During the party, Jedward take pictures of Pamela. They are on the little walkway over the pool. BB gave them a camera.

Paddy calls John a sausage. John didn’t like it. Bobby calls Paddy out on this. He says that Jedward are nice, and he can’t call them names.

Bobby doesn’t like the HM talking behind Pamela’s back.

Amy goes to talk to Darryn, Kerry, and Paddy about Bobby’s attitude change.

Bobby tells Lucien not to go near Amy. He shouldn’t try anything with her. She’ll bleed him dry and use him up. That’s what her relationship with Darryn is all about. It’s about being in the tabloids and making more money. Tara and Sally are there too. He respects Darryn for what he’s done, but Darryn’s a total prick. Sally and Lucien like this.

Meanwhile, Darryn is talking about Bobby to the other HM.

Later, Bobby and Darryn are talking in the bedroom. Lucien, Pamela, Kerry, Sally, and Lucien are in the garden.

* * * * *

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