Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E08 (C5)

Darryn and Tara are talking. They aren’t sleeping much in this house. The HM are woken up with a song from The Wizard of Oz.

Bobby, Sally, and Kerry are called to the diary room. They will be taking the leading roles in this week’s shopping task. They will be Dorothy. They choose Darryn as the Tin Man because he doesn’t have a heart. They choose Amy as the Scarecrow because she’s the least brainy. Sally chooses Jedward as being the most cowardly. Kerry says Pamela. Sally agrees. Pamela is the Lion. They choose Lucien as the Wicked Witch of the West. Paddy is Toto.

Amy comes to the diary room. She thinks that Bobby was out of order about what he said about her.

Jedward are throwing muffins at the glass doors. HM have to dress up. Lucien can no longer drink any water. He must drink the witch’s brew.

Amy and Darryn are talking about Bobby. They say that Bobby is a very different in the diary room. Darryn also saw what Sally thought about him.

When they hear a cackle, Toto needs to get into his basket and howl, and the munchkins must go to their places.

Bobby plans on collecting his sweat and putting it into his little receptacle. He needs to give this to the Tin man each time he hears a creak. Until Dorothy oils the Tin man, he cannot move.

Darryn comes to the diary room to have a little cry. He doesn’t understand why the HM think he doesn’t have a heart.

Meanwhile, Bobby is collecting his sweat. It’s disgusting.

Naturally, there is a creaking sound and Bobby makes Darryn drink his sweat. That’s pretty bad.

Amy must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly while she’s being distracted by someone in a giant pigeon suit. She gets weed on by a raven. The pigeon is also throwing some stuff on her. Amy misses the first two questions. She gets the next two, then she misses one. She gets the next 2. She gets the next one. All of the answers involve birds. She passes her task. Covered in goo, she gives Jedward a hug.

Jedward are using Sally’s epilator.

Darryn starts talking to Sally about the cold heart situation. He thinks that what she said was evil.

Why would you want to do that?
Lucien when Jedward use Sally’s epilator on his arm

Tin Man is called to the diary room to prove that he’s got a heart. He gets to choose between eating pancakes by himself or getting Chinese takeaway for all of the HM. He gets to choose between a glass of wine or giving Lucien a cauldron of fizzy pop. He chooses to help Lucien. Then he has to choose between spending 30 minutes with his macaw or letting Tara have a phone call with her new husband. He chooses Tara. Darryn starts to tear up. He leaves the diary room. The HM are eating. Darryn goes to the diary room. Paddy comes to see him. Darryn tells him that he can’t have it.

Darryn goes into the garden. Kerry gives him a hug.

Tara goes into the diary room. She gets call from Zach. She’s got 5 minutes. BB tells her that she got the call because of Darryn.

Dorothy Bobby tells Darryn that he owes him an apology. He takes him apart, tells him about the sweaty water, and says that Darryn has a heart. It looks like they squared things away. Bobby admits that he took it way too far.

Tara comes out of the diary room and gives Darryn a hug. It’s a big hug, and she gives him kisses too. That was really nice.

A lot of the HM are sleeping. Sally in the diary room.

He’s not the cold-hearted bastard that I thought he was.
Sally about Darryn.

Bobby is keeping Kerry company. A Dorothy had to walk the Yellow Brick Road constantly. He says that he judged her unfairly. He quite likes her.

* * * * *

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