My Daily Tweets 08.25.11

  • @wobblesmccoy me too. I get the fish from the Carrefour and cut it up myself. Pretty easy stuff, and costs only $200-300NT
  • From DNA to Eternity: Electronic Art for Your Pad 5 minutes ago
  • Spray-On Sunscreen: Non-Greasy Way to Keep Kids Safe 10 minutes ago
  • Wooden Rubber Band Submachine Gun: Elastics Gone Wild 13 minutes ago
  • Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard: Transforming Your iPad 2 in Style 15 minutes ago
  • For some reason, salmon was cheap today at the Carrefour. 14 hours ago
  • Just cleared out my open tabs. Down to 1 article to read. 14 hours ago
  • “Upping the Antihero” a new essay on what happens to the “loose canon” tv cop in an age of loose employment 14 hours ago
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: I Do, In Fact, Major In Basket Weaving!:… via @AddThis 15 hours ago
  • Done for the day. More salmon tonight. Grilled salmon. 15 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb not in the typhoon per se, but the storms that accompany those weather fronts 15 hours ago
  • 8 hours of sleep last night. Not bad, but still tired from the last week. I need to get a shitload of sleep on the weekend. 15 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb Well, we get typhoons here with severe wind gusts, so it would be useful. Some golf umbrellas are like that 2 I don’t like golf 15 hours ago
  • One more post to go. 15 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb The other brand is Blunt Umbrellas: Normal shape and wind-proof up to 70 mph. 15 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb There another brand that makes cyclone-proof umbrella, but not as oddly shaped. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb Found it. the Senz umbrella.… 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb You know, nicer umbrellas, not throw-away ones. I can’t name an umbrella company either, but those anti-cyclone umbrellas 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb They don’t sell them here. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb Didn’t have the model I wanted in black, and I tried and failed buying larger umbrellas from brand names. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb I think I might have bought a replacement & kept it in storage. Luckily, our storage is now in our house in Urbana-champaign 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb I had a super-nice umbrella in Canada, but my wife borrowed it and lost it. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb cost about the same, but in Taiwan, they last for a few weeks. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb it’s not golf-style large, it’s just larger than those micro mini umbrellas people here have. they break so easily too. 16 hours ago
  • @chartreuseb you want to be seen in the dark and in the rain, that’s why. I don’t really like red all that much. Too aggressive. 16 hours ago
  • “My daddy is also named Range” said Ivy, a grade 1 student that I like. That was kind of funny. 16 hours ago
  • Went grocery shopping @ the Carrefour. Many Taiwanese women look @ me with a hint of a smile. My guess is that they like men doing groceries 16 hours ago
  • Just ate some salmon sashimi. I also have some more salmon to cook. 16 hours ago
  • It’s bright canary yellow though, which is kind of cool. Red was the only other choice. 16 hours ago
  • Bought a largish folding umbrella. got tired of those teeny tiny wimpy things. 16 hours ago
  • When I leave my current employment next month, could everyone resist writing obituary-style tweets about me please? Thanks ever so. 18 hours ago
  • Tim Burton was born this day in 1958. 18 years later, he received a rejection letter from Disney: 18 hours ago
  • Guys guys guys, Steve Jobs IS NOT DEAD! Stop your eulogy for job’s sake! 17 hours ago
  • Especially the Canadian-made stuff. The outsourced Asian Arc’Teryx bags less so. 23 hours ago
  • Kind of looking forward to going back to a colder climate because I’ll deck myself out in Arc’Teryx gear. I love Arc’Teryx. 23 hours ago
  • @candicenonsense Next year or so. My wife is living there already. It’s a duplex, so the upstairs is rented out. My wife also found a roomie 23 hours ago
  • You can tell who’s an idiot by the way they talk or write. 23 hours ago
  • Jessica B by Greg Lotus for Haute Living September 2011 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 23 hours ago
  • Science fiction will be getting more scientific. @NASA and @torbooks to team up: 25 Aug
  • Gregory Z55 is performing great on my daily treks. 23 hours ago
  • I’ll have 2 Analysis classes, and 1 abstract Algebra class (homological algebras). 23 hours ago
  • I watched a lot of backpack reviews on YouTube. There are quite a few that I like 23 hours ago
  • We have a new roof on our house in Urbana. Cool beans. Still, bathroom and kitchen left to finish. 23 hours ago
  • The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will be unbelievable. Everything else after that… meh.d25 Aug
  • My Daily Tweets 08.24.11 23 hours ago

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