The DIY Castle Bed: MDF & a Bit of Love

082611_rg_DIYCastleBed_01.jpgWe’re pretty sure that everyone has made a fort of some kind using mattresses or their bed when they were younger. Imagine if you could easily turn that theme into a castle bed of some kind for your kids. There are plenty of different ideas available, but this one is based on an IKEA bed that’s been hacked with some MDF to give it this beautiful look.

082611_rg_DIYCastleBed_02.jpgCasey from Texas was inspired by a bed she had seen on a blog, so she came up with an exciting idea for her son, who’s all into knights and castles. With a bit of tinkering, this could also work well for little princesses. The whole bedroom area looks like a castle, and it’s based off an IKEA Kura bed ($199.99). She bought some MDF to create a facade that would be mounted on the Kura bed frame.

082611_rg_DIYCastleBed_03.jpgThe facade includes battlements and windows. Extra MDF was glued onto the battlements to create a relief effect and to strengthen the frame. The bed was painted and sponged to create a stone-like finish. Holes were drilled on top of each tower to hold the flags. The front piece of cloth hangs down to close off the inside of the castle. Casey had it embroidered by her mom. Inside of the “castle”, she added an IKEA Smila Mane moon lamp ($9.99) and a Smila Stjarna star lamp ($9.99).

To make things even more interesting, you could add the compatible IKEA Kura bed tent ($25) and some strategically-placed LED Dioder light strips to make it look like night sky. We’d actually replace the fanciful moon and star lamp with more Dioder strips, positioned at the top of the frame. This great idea can be hacked any number of different ways (forts, caves, etc.) to make the custom bed your child wants.

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(via Ikeahackers, photos by Casey and Anna Haltern)

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