Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E11 (C5)

Kerry and Bobby are happy to still be in the house. Tara has come to the diary room to talk about her HM. She trusts Lucien the most. She also likes Paddy.

Amy is getting some of her HM some tea. Bobby tells her that she looks pretty without makeup. Today, she’s got it plastered on.

Paddy and Pamela are talking. Pamela doesn’t like Darryn.

He had schizophrenia.
Darryn about his macaw

Amy is giving Bobby a manicure. He says that he underestimated her. She’s a smart cookie. Lucien is in the sauna sweating.

Kerry is talking about her mom. Her mom was messed up. Her whole family is messed up.

My mum left him for a woman.

Kerry’s mum gave her speed when she was 14, telling her it was sherbet.

Tara, Jedward and Amy are holding acting classes. It’s kind of like improv

She’s a friend and she’s a girl, so she’s my girlfriend.

For today’s task, HM will pair off and hold a cook-off. Bobby and Amy are together, Lucien and Tara, Jedward, Darryn and Pamela, and Kerry and Paddy. Tara and Lucien are laughing about Darryn because he’s stuck with Pamela.

A celebrity chef named Marco Pierre will be the judge and show them how it’s done. It’s some kind of grilled fish. The instructions are pretty easy. It’s sea bass. Bobby and Amy work well. It’s an easy meal and I wouldn’t mind making it myself.

Both Bobby/Amy, Tara/Lucien and Darryn/Pamela did well. Chef tells him as much. Tara/Lucien’s was the best. Kerry/Paddy’s was good as well, surprisingly because they can’t cook. At least, that’s what they said. The winners are Tara/Lucien. They get a meal. The losers are Jedward. They have to do the washing up. INstead of cleaning up, they make more of a mess. That’s typical. They act like toddlers. They put olive oil all over the floor and slide. They make a terrible mess. They’ll be punished.

Lucien and Tara get their dinner. Jedward are up to something. They are burning toast. Then they start making castles. Kerry starts getting angry with them. They put crumbs all over the place. They are wasting food.

Lucien makes a joke that’s a bit rude, and Tara throws some water at him. Then they start throwing some food.

Tara tells some of the HM that there is a small dog somewhere out there whining. Tara is a bit drunk or a bit tipsy. It’s removed some of her inhibitions. She tells Darryn to stop being a negative influence.

Pamela is talking in her sleep. The HM don’t understand for a moment. She gets up.

Tara is in the garden, smoking and eating. When Pamela comes out, Tara talks with her about Darryn. She thinks that he’s the instigator and he destroys people’s lives.

* * * * *

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