Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E12 (Channel 5)

Today, the HM will nominate for the 1st time. Jedward’s bread tower falls apart. It’s Edward’s fault. Edward takes a shower and he’s stuck without a towel. No one hears him yelling.

Pamela says that her family has had 23 animals.

Jedward play with some cling wrap. They make a cling wrap mummy out of one of them. Kerry is feeling emotional in the diary room. She misses her kids.

She’s not gone with the faeries. She’s a faery.
Paddy about Pamela

Darryn says that in LA, they all have psychologists, personal trainers, and life coaches. Darryn says that there is a lot of competition between Tara and Pamela. Kerry says that Tara wasn’t making any sense. Darryn thinks it’s the drink.

Jedward are catapulting their pants at Bobby. Lucien tells Paddy that last night, Tara got a bit weird.

Lucien and Kerry are talking about the last time that they had sex. Kerry says that it was in April.

Pamela is telling Paddy about her fabulous lifestyle.

Amy and Darryn are talking about Bobby. They think that he was himself the first few days he was in the house. He changed because of the eviction. Amy says that she would be like that as well.


Amy Pamela Bobby “She moans.”
Bobby Pamela Darryn “She sleep-talks.”
Darryn Pamela Tara “She makes me uncomfortable.”
Jedward Lucien Darryn “He’s a womanizer.”
Kerry Pamela Tara “She’s in the wrong place.”
Lucien Pamela Darryn “She whinges a lot.”
Paddy Pamela Bobby “He’s a two-headed penny.”
Pamela Darryn Bobby “He wants it only his way.”
Tara Pamela Darryn “She’s confusing.”

So Pamela and Darryn are nominated. That’s not surprising.

The girls are sunbathing. Jedward start poking Kerry’s belly. They have a pretend delivery.

Tara and Bobby are talking about Lucien. Tara says that Lucien has been avoiding him. Bobby thinks that he nominated him. Tara says no. She thinks that he voted like she did.

Jedward is called into the diary room to get punished. BB says that since hey act like babies, BB will treat them as such. It’s not really a punishment for them. They are dressed up like babies.

Jedward, Bobby, and Lucien are eating fish fingers.

Pamela is talking about Darryn to Kerry. She thinks that Darryn is talking behind her back. Kerry says no. She implies that Pamela is paranoid. Immediately after, she comes to the diary room. She’s hiding from Pamela. She’s a bit too much for her.

BB gathers the HM to punish some of them. Bobby and Tara talked about the nominations. BB reads out their conversation. Bobby and Tara broke the rules. HM no longer have hot water until further notice.

Some of the HM are talking about the rule break. Tara tells Bobby not to talk about it anymore. They don’t want to be punished again.

Jedward go to the diary room. They even tell BB that they didn’t learn a lesson. They had a lot of fun being babies.

Lucien tells Kerry that he has been avoiding Tara. He wants to be himself. I think it’s because Tara threw a jug of water on him yesterday. He kind of deserved it though. His joke was very rude.

* * * * *

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