Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E13 (Channel 5)

This is a live eviction show.

This is the 2nd day that the HM are waking up to no hot water because of Bobby. They end up boiling a lot of water.

Tara and Pamela are talking about Darryn. Tara comes to the diary room to whinge about Darryn. Pamela is cleaning the kitchen. Kerry and Lucien are cuddling.

BB gathers the HM. Lucien, Darryn, Pamela, and Tara talked about nominations. BB tells the HM that the power to the straighteners and hair dryers will be switched off. Also the hot water will remain off.

For today’s task, the HM will discover how it is to have an identical twin. PamBob, Perry, Darluc, Amara are the paired twins. Jedward have to judge which pair of twins are the most alike. There is a twin off later. The HM are chained together.

They say that Perry and Amara are judged at the most alike. They are blindfolded and they have to guess what implements of torture have been used. Kerry is good at it. Paddy is also good. Tara also is correct. Jedward use a cream pie on Tara. Tara is pissed off. She swears. It’s funny. Jedward put it in her face, her boobs, and more. It was rubbed in. Amy guesses wrong and Perry win.

Amy tells Darryn that he is the dad of the house. Most of the HM listen to him. It sounds like Amy is sucking up to him. Kerry tells him that he can dish it out but not take it. Darryn admits to it.

Pamela has been talking at Lucien and Bobby for about 20 minutes. They have trouble not laughing. They actually laugh out loud. Lucien has to run away. Bobby manages to stay there and listen to some more of her BS. Lucien comes back. He starts laughing again. Bobby is also laughing. Lucien goes to bed. Pamela thinks that she freaked him out talking about a motorcycle accident.

Brian talks with the CBBUK house. Pamela is evicted. She gets booed.

BB tells the HM that half of the HM will be put up for eviction. Pamela will choose 4 HM who will have immunity. Pamela chooses Jedward, Paddy, Amy, and Kerry.

Pamela is a total mind job.

* * * * *

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