Reduce Eyestrain With a DIY Computer Screen Ambilight

083111_rg_DIYAmbilight_01.jpgPhilips Ambilight has always been the holy grail of ambient lighting for the home theater. Ambilight illuminates the back of your HDTV, producing an ambient glow to reduce eyestrain. Some of the Lamplight-compatible HDTV sets come with 250 LEDs, which will match the overall color and tone to further reduce visual strain while watching TV in dim or dark rooms. So why not duplicate the same idea for your computer monitor setup?

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  2. Lumic Avatar

    That is exactly what we are trying to do. Having a multi-channel DIY ambilight clone for your computer or tv would be very cool. The problem is, that there is just too many ways to approach that topic and the number of differing tutorials on the web is just enorm. Hopefully we can bring some clearness into that.



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