My Daily Tweets 09.02.11

  • You know you had a good night when you wake up on the right side of the wrong bed. 17 Jul
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: A Professor’s Opening Lecture for “Intermediate Killer Shark Genre.”:… via @AddThis 1 minute ago
  • Affordable Everyday Backpacks Ready for Back to School 5 hours ago
  • Done for the day. Time to relax and then walk the dog. Tonight, more #TheEyreAffair 20 hours ago
  • Banned Books Week is a few weeks away, but one student has taken matters into his own hands: 20 hours ago
  • Average hourly wages dropped 0.1%, and the average workweek fell to 34.2 hours from 34.3 hours. Live blog: 21 hours ago
  • Revo K2 Speaker/Dock Looks Like a Skyscraper for Ants 21 hours ago
  • @itsmesarahrae except if you live in another timezone 😛 22 hours ago
  • I am pretty happy when I don’t get any emails. That makes my day but it never happens. 22 hours ago
  • Adafruit iNecklace: Open Source Jewelry 22 hours ago
  • #TheEyreAffair is really funny. I found myself thinking about it while I was reading #MaoII. 22 hours ago
  • I enjoyed Oryx & Crake a few years ago. Will read Handmaid’s Tale on the weekend. 22 hours ago
  • Since I always finish the books I read, I’ll finish it, but it might take some time. It’s the perfect paperback size though. 22 hours ago
  • Started reading Don Delillo’s Mao II. It’s not a very interesting book. It’s short but boring. This hasn’t happened to me in a while. 22 hours ago
  • I caught up on True Blood last night. It was cool. 22 hours ago
  • A CT went missing today. She teaches K1 and didn’t turn up for work. She didn’t answer her phone. 22 hours ago
  • I’m lucky that I have no breaks in my block hours, which is cool. Other teachers have 1.5hrs break between classes. 22 hours ago
  • I really dislike the drive home on Friday nights. So much traffic and going over a bridge on a scooter. 22 hours ago
  • Long day, but still going. Waking up tomorrow early to tutor German once again. 22 hours ago
  • “Hence the Great Council of the Tribe always keeps a small stock of foreskins ready for use.” #fridayreads The Golden Bough. Still. 23 hours ago
  • In 1964, George R. R. Martin was a big fan of @Marvel‘s Stan Lee: 1 Sep
  • Seven months later, The Church of Scientology retaliates against @NewYorker: 1 Sep
  • Wow. Nasty comments, reminds me why I dislike writing about anything Android. 2 Sep
  • I got the cover review from the NYT Book Review, (I wish my mother could see this.) 2 Sep
  • You know you’re rolling w/veteran bloggers when everyone was able to bark out the default pixel width of each of their sites w/o hesitation. 2 Sep
  • My Daily Tweets 09.01.11 22 hours ago

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