Celebrity Big Brother S08E16 (Channel 5)

The alarm has been ringing for 15 min. Jedward have been ignoring the alarm for 50 min. Darryn is whingeing about the shopping.

I’m excited at the prospect of leaving.
Bobby in the diary room

Amy gets a vajazzling kit and gets 90 min to vajazzle all of the HM. Jedward is first. The HM have fun.

Amy gets a visit from her pug Prince. Amy is very happy and crying. Prince is pretty excited.

Tara tells Jedward that she’s started to get scared and nervous about tonight. She doesn’t know that she’ll get evicted tonight. Jedward vajazzle Amy. Amy is happy and finds it relaxing to be pampered.

She trusts us down below.

It’s time for the eviction. Tara is evicted. They get a bit of music and have a bit of booze.

Bobby comes to the diary room. The rest of the HM are talking about Bobby. Kerry thought that Bobby was going to go.

Bobby is so fit it’s a joke.

Neither Amy or Kerry fancy Bobby because of his attitude. Lucien repeats stuff 4 to 5 times when he tries to put a point across. Darryn says that forgiving Bobby was a mistake. Whatever

Jedward are raiding the fridge. Amy and Lucien are horsing around. Kerry walked away when she saw them fooling about. Kerry and Lucien go to the toilet together.

Lucien tells Darryn and Amy that he’d rather be friends with Kerry because they are worlds apart. Amy whispers to Darryn that she gets along with Lucien really well, but there’s nothing between them. He says that he kind of fancies her. Later, he says that he would like to go out with her on the outside. She can’t answer if she fancies him. Then she says that she fancies him big time. Amy snuggles up to Mumbles. Lucien looks uncomfortable. Amy is lying on his lap.

They horse around more and head to bed. They end up in the same bed. Kerry hears all of this and is annoyed. She gets up and eats something.

* * * * *

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