Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E14 (Channel 5)

Today, Pamela will get evicted. Darryn and Tara are having their smokes. Tara tells him that he gives her mean looks and that scares her. He gives her a hug. Darryn is being an adult about this and he respects her feelings. He apologizes and she forgives him.

Jedward are using Amy’s eyeliner to draw on some tattoos. It’s the birthday of one of Kerry’s daughters. Jedward give back the eyeliner. Amy is a bit miffed. They didn’t ask her permission. We see a shot of her ass.

Pamela says that she was under house arrest because of her DUI. After house arrest and 350 hours of community service, she did it again. Bobby can’t believe this. He thinks she’s thick.

Jedward decide that today is punk rock day and that they’ll be rebellious. They start to mock fight in the diary room. They run out and create a ruckus. It makes Pamela laugh. Some chairs end up in the pool.

Then, they start tossing around mattresses. Amy is still in bed and tells Darryn that Jedward are pissing her off today. Jedward are getting ready to toss a can of soup at Bobby. Kerry almost falls to the floor because of the spill. Then she tells them to clean up their mess in the bedroom. Paddy and Darryn are pissed off as well.

My 4-year old acts older than them two.

Jedward are cleaning up. Kerry is still pissed. Amy comes to the diary room. She has been having a hard day. She cries.

BB has called Kerry to the diary room. She gets 8 minutes with her daughters on the phone.

Jedward have been cleaning up for almost 3 hours.

-If anyone wins, I hope that girl wins. What do they call her? Kerry.

I wouldn’t have them two assholes around.
Paddy about Jedward

Mumbles is showing Kerry is flirting moves. It’s pretty bad.

All of the HM are gathered for tonight’s eviction. Pamela is evicted. Half of the HM are put up for eviction. Pamela chooses Jedward, Paddy, Amy, and Kerry. So Lucien, Darryn, Bobby, and Tara are nominated for eviction.

Always in glitzy vajazzle things.

One Jedward is sleeping. The other is talking with Lucien, tara, and Bobby. He’s gone solo. It’s Edward. They say nice things about Jedward.

Some of the HM are in the bedroom. The HM are talking about the last time they had sex. Lucien talks about a girl he met a few weeks ago. She’s older, 27, and got a career.

Bobby goes to bed and his bed breaks. Tara and Lucien are cooking some chicken in the oven. Lucien says that CBBUK is a 3-horse race. It’s between Jedward, Paddy, and Kerry. Paddy will win.

* * * * *

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