Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E15 (Channel 5)

BB turns the power and hot water back on.

Cold water is just so cold.

Paddy and Darryn are in the gym. Mumbles and Kerry are hanging out. It looks like they are flirting. Amy is in the diary room commenting about the situation.

Today, the HM will compete against each other to do this week’s shopping in an actual supermarket. The 1st task involves holding carrier bags for as long as possible. Amy is the 1st one out. Tara and Darryn are next. After a while, Paddy is out. It’s been 9 minutes. 4 can go through to the next round. Lucien is out. Jedward, Bobby, and Kerry win.

Lucien is admiring Amy sunbathing. He’s commenting to Kerry, who doesn’t appreciate it. Darryn comes to complain about what happened during the task.

Jedward compete against Kerry/Bobby. The winning pair gets to choose the groceries. Jedward says that they will pick only candy. Darryn is going nutty in the house watching this on the plasma.

Jedward wins. They had to through their partner on a shopping cart and make the most stuff fall down. They go to the diary room later for their prize. They are told that they will leave the BBUK house to do the shopping themselves. They get 2 min to get orders from the HM.

They arrive at a supermarket. It’s empty. They have 2:30 min each. John is going pretty well. John only manages to grab 2 loaves of bread. That’s not going to be enough for the whole house.

Jedward left at 1AM. They come back at around 3AM. The boys have trouble pushing the carts into the BBUK house. Jedward wake everyone up. Kerry tells them that it’s late. It’s 3AM. They got a shitload of sweets.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. He tells them that Darryn and Lucien are safe. It’s between Bobby and Tara. The crowd is chanting. Tara is evicted.

The rest of the HM are nominated.

* * * * *

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