True Blood Burning Down the House S04E10 (HBO)

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This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. This show has an addictive quality. After the third season started, I bought all of the books and read them. They were quite good, albeit short. The TV series is quite faithful to the books, which is always nice. There are some differences and the ‘adult’ factor makes for something that is interesting to watch on American TV.

Thanks to the books, there will be a lot of material available for the screenwriters for the story arcs in this show.

The series is adapted by Alan Ball. He also produced it. Alan Ball is the man behind Six Feet Under. The setting is interesting as well. Thanks to HBO, the show does have some mature content. It makes the whole thing more interesting.

New Orleans and Louisiana are a hotbed for vampire fiction. Lestat of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice makes the city his home.

The fourth season is off to a rocking start, as you’d expect from such a good show. Many of the the plotlines from Dead to the World have been integrated into the show. Naturally, there are enough differences to make the show worthwhile to watch, even for people who have read all of the Southern Vampire Mysteries,.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I like to watch True Blood episodes in batches. After I finished reading all of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, I was pretty happy to see True Blood return. You quickly forget how good this show is, but just like all of the previous episodes, this one is an incredible one. The story eases you in before ending with a bang. It turns out that Sookie went missing for over a year and a lot has changed since she left.

Her time in Faerie wasn’t happy, as they use their glamor to manipulate humans. Back on the earthly plane, things have moved on quite rapidly. Tara has left, Jason is a cop, Bill is a King, and Eric is Eric. I can see how they have woven in elements of the book, Dead to the World, into this storyline.

It’s funny that Marnie is the fanatic, not Antonia. She wants to destroy the vamps, but hasn’t managed to do them much harm. There is some weird stuff happening with some of the main characters as they come close to Marnie/Antonia. They are teleported away right before the vamps arrive to storm the MoonGoddess Emporium.

* * * * *

Roy and Antonia watch the chaos. She commands all of the vampires to kill the King. Eric throws Bill away. Sookie has no time to intervene. Bill pulls a gun with silver bullets and starts shooting. Sookie stops him from shooting Eric again. Eric uses the opportunity to try and stake him. Bill tells Sookie to run away. Sookie uses her light powers to break the spell. It stops Eric and the others. Nan is looking confused at what just happened with Sookie.

Eric remembers everything. Nan takes control. Eric is looking at Sookie strangely.

They all want to go after Marnie, who surveys the scene. She sees humans hurt all over the place. Antonia is shocked by what she sees. Roy wakes her up again. She casts an invisibility spell and disappears. Nan wants to help the people for sake PR.

Jason wants Jessica to glamor him into forgetting what happened between them. Hoyt will know as soon as he sees him. Jessica runs off. She wants to drink.

Tommy is dying in Alcide’s car. He wants to go home. He wants to go to Merlotte’s. Sam meets them there. Tommy dies. Sam swears revenge.

Marnie and Roy come back with two vamps. It sounds like Antonia is going crazy.

Bill tells Nan that this is all her fault. If she’s let him kill the witch in the beginning, this would have never happened. They will go after the witch and end this by any means necessary.

Sookie tells Eric that she loves Bill and him equally. Both Bill and Eric want to go after Marnie, no quarters. Sookie gets away from there.

Hoyt wants to crash at Jason’s because his old place reminds him too much of Jessica. Jason escapes to see his sister the next morning. Sookie asks him for help to help save Tara. They go see Lafayette and Jesus. Jesus believes that he can reach Marnie and help her get rid of Antonia.

Terry wakes up Andy with a spent vial of V that he found. Terry wants to take him to Fort Bellefleur. He wants to get him clean. They do some shooting and then start fighting. Terry leaves him to walk home on foot. That will sober him up.

Holly is trying to find an incantation to get out of their prison. Meanwhile, Marnie is arguing with Antonia. Antonia wants to leave her but Marnie doesn’t want her to go. They almost killed the King. Marnie is the fanatic one. She’s egging Antonia on.

Antonia has cleaned out the neighborhood. It’s deserted. Lafayette, Jason, Sookie, and Jesus arrive. Jesus wants to go in after Sookie confirmed that Tara is in side. Jesus hits a mystical force field. Marnie comes out. He lies to her about where he has been. She tells him to come through the wall. It’s painful and Jesus reveals his true visage. It gives him enough strength to get through the wall. Marnie welcomes him back.

Antonia says that Jesus has a demon to serve him now. He wants to talk with Marnie. He usually comes to her with his questions. Antonia lets Marnie talk with Jesus. Marnie tells him that this isn’t against her will. She wants this. She says that this isn’t possession, it’s union. She wants to show him her pet vampires. Jesus sends Sookie a message. Marnie is now in control.

Meanwhile, Holly and Tara are working on breaking the wall. They manage to get out but Marnie sees this and bursts out. She makes some kind of spell and transports them all away except Jason.

Debbie is meeting with Marcus. Debbie wants to have children. Alcide doesn’t.

Sam and Alcide come to find Marcus. They find one of the wolves that killed Tommy.

The vampires are about to bomb the MoonGoddess Emporium.

* * * * *

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