True Blood Let’s Get Out of Here S04E09 (HBO)

Season 4 poster, via Wikipedia

This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. This show has an addictive quality. After the third season started, I bought all of the books and read them. They were quite good, albeit short. The TV series is quite faithful to the books, which is always nice. There are some differences and the ‘adult’ factor makes for something that is interesting to watch on American TV.

Thanks to the books, there will be a lot of material available for the screenwriters for the story arcs in this show.

The series is adapted by Alan Ball. He also produced it. Alan Ball is the man behind Six Feet Under. The setting is interesting as well. Thanks to HBO, the show does have some mature content. It makes the whole thing more interesting.

New Orleans and Louisiana are a hotbed for vampire fiction. Lestat of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice makes the city his home.

The fourth season is off to a rocking start, as you’d expect from such a good show. Many of the the plotlines from Dead to the World have been integrated into the show. Naturally, there are enough differences to make the show worthwhile to watch, even for people who have read all of the Southern Vampire Mysteries,.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I like to watch True Blood episodes in batches. After I finished reading all of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, I was pretty happy to see True Blood return. You quickly forget how good this show is, but just like all of the previous episodes, this one is an incredible one. The story eases you in before ending with a bang. It turns out that Sookie went missing for over a year and a lot has changed since she left.

Her time in Faerie wasn’t happy, as they use their glamor to manipulate humans. Back on the earthly plane, things have moved on quite rapidly. Tara has left, Jason is a cop, Bill is a King, and Eric is Eric. I can see how they have woven in elements of the book, Dead to the World, into this storyline.

Now that the wolves are getting involved, the shit will really start hitting the fan.

* * * * *

Bill comes running and takes Sookie from Alcide into her house. Alcide is pissed. Bill is trying to make her drink. Later, Sookie is safe and wakes up. Alcide leaves exasperated. Sookie thanks Bill for the blood.

Antonia shows off her new pet to her followers. Eric is under her spell. Antonia tells her coven that they will take their vamp with them to a gathering of tolerance tomorrow. She isn’t letting anyone leave. How is she different from the vamps?

Sam isn’t leaving Luna alone. Emma is scared of him. He wants to take them camping. Luna agrees that it would be a good idea to get out of here.

Debbie pretends that she doesn’t know what Alcide was up to.

Jessica is talking with Nan about her relationship problems. Nan is waiting to hear Bill’s report. She plans on going to ground at Bill’s estate. He says that Eric might have fallen under Antonia’s influence so they might all be danger. Nan isn’t stopping the festival. Media from across the country are already here for it.

You are blind beyond tomorrow’s headline.
Bill to Nan

Hoyt packs up Jessica’s stuff. Lafayette walks in with Mikey. He pulls a gun on Hoyt and tells him to leave her house. Jason and Andy get involved. Andy takes some V. They arrive at the scene. They get shot at. Terry arrives with Arlene. Andy is able to hold Terry in place. Lafayette says that his name is Mavis. Arlene called Jesus. He arrives and says that he’s going in. He defuses the situation. He uses a ritual to make Mavis remember where her remains are. Lafayette returns Mikey to Arlene and Terry. They dig out the remains of Mavis’ boy and her. Jesus sends Mavis out of Lafayette. Wow that was impressive. They all see this. Mavis thanks Mavis.

Sookie is dreaming of Eric and Bill at the same time. She wants to have a little talk. WTF. She says that she’s in love with both of them.

It’s either both of you or none of you.

Marcus comes by Merlotte. He wants to meet Sam for a duel of some sort or a fight. He’ll probably skin-shift into Sam to meet Marcus. Sam shifts into a bunny so that Emma can pet him.

Debbie goes to get some V and juices up. She goes to see Debbie. She offers to help Sookie. Sookie reads her mind and believes that Debbie wants to help her.

Alcide tells Marcus that he wants to move up in the pack. It’s important to Debbie, so it’s important to him. Marcus asks him to help with his wife and the shifter who is aiming to replace him.

Debbie comes to see the witches. She tells them that she represents the Shreveport pack of werewolves. She pledges her allegiance. It’s a ploy. Sookie is breaking in the back to find Eric. She discovers that Eric has been brainwashed to kill Bill.

When Eric won’t budge, Tara arrives with a gun. The penny drops, and Debbie tells Antonia that she brought them Sookie Stackhouse. The witches wake up. Tara tells Sookie to listen to what she is saying. Sookie reads her mind. They are all being held hostage. Bill is at the Dorchester Hotel. She tells her to charge.

Debbie managed to get away as well. Debbie was going to run off without Sookie. They are going to the Dorchester Hotel. Antonia leaves with Roy and Eric. Antonia imprisons the witches with a spell.

Bill and Nan are at the tolerance rally. Eric lures the three vampire guards away. Antonia dominates them. So now there are 4 vampires under her control.

Tommy as Sam goes to see Marcus. Alcide opens the door. This happens as Sam is making love to Luna. They start beating on him. Alcide has to intervene. They see Sam change back to Tommy.

Jason tries to return Jessica’s stuff. They end up screwing in his truck.

Sookie arrives at the event. Just in time. The dominated vamps start killing people. Eric jumps and comes after Bill.

* * * * *

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