Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E20 (Channel 5)

The HM are waking up. The groupies spent the night sleeping outside. They are in good spirits the next day. Amy is sort of pissed off at having slept there.

Take This get a delivery for breakfast. The groupies get some scraps. Lucien, Kerry, and Edward are spooning for warmth.

If I was going camping, I’d go clamping.
Amy in the diary room

Darryn tells Paddy that Amy wasn’t happy this morning. Paddy says that Amy is a total player. Paddy doesn’t like Amy hair-extensions falling all over the place. Amy says in the diary room that she didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Edward has got separation anxiety. He’s in the diary room. They are kind of cute with their twin-ness, as twins go. They would have trouble living apart.

John gets punished for crossing the barrier. he has to sign some *Take This* flyers. Edward is hanging out with Amy. He ends up looking like a girl.

Edder says that he’s got tons of autographs at home.

Oh my God, you look like Amy Childs.

The groupies must pick out the favorite colored sweets out of a mixed bin. Kerry finishes first followed by Lucien. Edward is next. Amy is last. They must have been at it for a couple of hours.

Paddy, Lucien and Bobby are talking about Amy. Bobby says that Amy looks better without make-up. Bobby thought that they would couple up, but they didn’t. He read it wrong. Paddy always thought that Amy was playing a game.

BB has laid out a cocktail party for the HM now that they are reunited. They end up a bit pissed. Amy jumps on Lucien. Lucien rebuffs some of Amy’s advances.

Lucien and Bobby fight with the candy. They end up dumping it all over the kitchen.

Paddy is in the diary room. He tells BB how different it is living with non-travelers. He likes being here because he can completely let his guard down. Out there, he can’t. He’s always got to be weary.

Both Paddy and Darryn like Lucien.

A slightly pissed Kerry wants to put Lucien and Amy together. Amy isn’t interested. Lucien tells Amy that she made him feel like a muppet. When Lucien is in the bathroom, Amy tells Kerry that she isn’t attracted to Lucien at all. Amy says that it was just a little bit of fun.

Amy and Lucien are talking. Lucien says that he started to get interested in her, but she isn’t. He says that it’s fine.

Lucien comes to the diary room. He says that everyone had told him came to light with Amy.

The rest of the HM are talking about Lucien. Bobby says that she was sending Lucien mixed signals.

It’s like when your parents tell you that you are going to Walt Disneyland Florida, but they take you to Walt Disneyland Paris.

* * * * *

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