Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E21 (Channel 5)

After last night’s cocktail party, the CBBUK house is a mess. Darryn is first once again and cleans. The HM are also a mess. Amy asks Kerry what happened last night. She knows exactly what happened.

Paddy and Darryn are talking. Paddy says that Lucien was upset last night. Lucien just pretends that there was nothing between them at all and Amy allows him to.

Today is Kerry’s birthday and she’s all alone in the garden. Amy is talking to BB about her version of last night’s events. She says that she never led Lucien on. She’s just in denial. Her diary room VT is intercut with footage of what she has been doing and saying to Lucien. She looks like a tart.

Darryn is working out. Jedward are changing the batteries in their battery-powered trainers and jackets.

Lucien apologizes to Kerry about acting funny last night.

Amy says that she was going to spend £70K on a WELJEL vanity number plate. She didn’t. That’s such a waste of money.

Kerry is in the diary room, tearing up. She wasn’t the best mom.

I thought that I would be dead by the time I was 30.

Jedward are plastering some sweets on the dining table.

-This is BB. Stop trying Lucien, Amy’s having none of it.
-Could Amy Childs ensure that she’s wearing a bra today.
Jedward pretending to be BB to Amy and Bobby

-I just seen them. They’re a lot of sausages.
-They’re the biggest sausages I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
Paddy about Jedward.

The HM are dressed up as Italian cooks. They have been split into two teams. They must assemble a perfect pizza. It’snot as easy as it sounds. Some of the HM are connected in the railing of a large inflatable slide. They’ve got to throw the toppings about 10 to 15 feet onto a big pizza platter.

The HM go mad after the task. They have a food fight.

Jedward are shaving. They don’t really need to. One of them cuts himself on the lip. It’s John?

Lucien, Jedward, and Bobby win the task. They get a pizza based on the pizza they created. Amy is pissed because she likes pizza.

Jedward ask BB if they can get some props to organize a surprise party for Kerry. BB will call her to the diary room. Then, they will take the supplies out of the stock room. If Kerry gets wind of this, the party is canceled.

BB keeps Kerry in the diary room for about 15 minutes to let the HM prepare. It’s a success. Kerry was suitable surprised. Jedward have got another surprise for Kerry.

Darryn continues to BS the HM. He says that he shared a bed with a dozen women. The HM are somewhat dubious. Jedward arrive and start stripping for Kerry. They’ve both got stuff written on them.

The men of the house decide to do some stripping as well. They ask BB for some music. BB agrees. BB says that he likes the idea.

Kerry asks Amy if she fancies Lucien. Amy says no.

I look like a big fat Oompa Loompa.

The boys are rehearsing their stripping number in the bedroom. Kerry has dressed up as well. The music starts and the men start strutting their stuff. Kerry had fun.

The HM are reflecting about their time in the CBBUK house.

* * * * *

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