Big Btother UK S12E04 (Channel 5)

The HM wake up. Pamela gets a lie-in. They discover the nomination and eviction wall. It was added last night. Jay and Mark work out. After, Jay and Mark share a naked shower.

My little boobies are coming out to play.

The girls are talking about boobs. Faye is tearing up in the diary room because she gets alone with everyone. It’s not something that usually happens to her.

Harry is talking to Maisy. He tells her that she plays down her intelligence. Louise and Heaven are talking about men. Louise says that there is no one she fancies in the house. Heaven says that she thinks that Jay is sexy, but she doesn’t like him that way.

Tashie, Faye, and Rebeckah have been getting ready for the last 2 hours.

Jay is quizzing Maisy about the type of men she likes. She doesn’t like men like Jay. Jay regales her with tales of his romantic side.

Pamela is called to the diary room. It’s time for another golden swimsuit task. The HM will put on swimsuits and compete in a slow-motion running endurance task. Louise, Rebeckah, and Faye look good.

Tashie is out. Tom is next out. He was dancing. Harry wasn’t enthusiastic enough, so he’s out. Mark is out. Jay follows quickly. This happens 14 min in. Louise is out for marching in the spot. Faye is out for flopping her arms. Rebeckah is disqualified for offering a bribe. Alex is out for falling off her wooden spot. Aaron is out. After 37 min, Anton is out. Maisy wins.

Anton says that the girls in here are pretty hot. Maisy gets her golden swimsuit. Aden tells Faye that he wants to be a therapist.

Jay, Aden, and Aaron are talking about the girls. They say that Maisy is pretty fit. Tashie is in the diary gushing about Pamela. She thinks that she’d be Pamela’s friend IRL.

Pamela takes a nap. Anton is daydreaming about Pamela. He thinks that they’d have sex. Anton is bonkers. He’s mental. Louise and Aaron are talking about the dating game. She hasn’t been on many dates and she doesn’t do one-night-stands. The boys are dubious, but believe her.

No one asks me out on dates.

Louise is in the diary room. She says that Aaron is lovely. She likes him now. Then, she picks her nose.

Rebeckah tells Aaron that he looks like her ex. She tells him that he’s arrogant. Harry remarks that Aaron is quite arrogant after he makes a comment. He says that he is somewhat reserved and quiet. I’m paraphrasing.

The HM get a beach party. There is even a band. Pamela comes out. Maisy likes to gyrate her body.

Pamela is doing the washing-up again. Jay is in the diary room talking about Maisy.

The inside doesn’t match the outside.
Jay about Maisy

Aden and Rebeckah are sharing a late night cuddle. She asks him if he ever cheated on a girl. He says no. Aaron is talking about this son to Tom. Aaron has a face mask. Tom doesn’t think that he wouldn’t be a good father. Aaron says that people change when they have children.

Aden is massaging Rebeckah’s feet. There is some serious flirting going on there. He continues to do so in the dark. He ends up in her bed. She invites him into her bed. He stays over.

* * * * *

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