Big Brother UK S12E05 (Channel 5)

HM are woken up at 9AM. Rebeckah tells Aden that he’s not allowed in her bed again if the HM think that sexual stuff is going on.

Aden is talking about Rebeckah to Jay. He doesn’t want people inside and outside to get the wrong idea. Louise is in the diary room. She says that there is the Wolf Pack and the Ducklings. The Wolf Pack are the boys and the Ducklings are the girls. Louise says that she wants to be in the Wolf Pack. Rebeckah is in the Wolf Pack.

Some of the girls are practicing their sexual positions. Tom is involved as well. Rebeckah tells Aden that she felt paranoid last night. She felt the cameras watching her. She says that she needs to stay away from Aden. They need some space. She’s half serious.

Alex does a pigeon impression. That’s about all she’s good for that one. The girls are doing animal impressions. Some of them are pretty bad. Faye isn’t bad.

Faye is inducted into the Wolf Pack. She is asked to tell something about all of the gang members. She has no trouble. The rest of the HM are talking about the Wolf Pack.

-Do you know what SP stands for?
-Sexual Predator.
-Yes, that suits you.
Jay and Faye

Mark is testing the exit procedure of the Wolf Pack. the worst part is snorting some chili sauce. Aaron and Harry are in the kitchen being mature. Aaron says that his favorite girl is Maisy. She gets sarcasm. They both like Louise, even though she’s very quiet. They don’t like Heaven all that much. Louise says that she doesn’t want to be in the Wolf Pack. Louise’s bikini looks nice.

They ask Pamela to join the Wolf Pack. She is asked facts about all of the members. She knows many things, including that Rebeckah peed on a boyfriend and that she works at a gentleman’s club.

Pamela reveals the special powers of the golden swimsuit. They are immune from eviction but they can still nominate. All HM without a golden swimsuit get to compete to win the last one available. The 11 remaining HM must take part in a pageant.

-What makes you stand out?
-I’ve got a big dick.

It’s between Louise, Anton, and Rebeckah. They choose Rebeckah. That was nice. I thought they would pick Anton. BB reveals that in order for Rebeckah to gain her gold swimsuit, either Aden, Heaven, or Maisy lose their swimsuit. Rebeckah has to give a name. She chooses Aden. She says that Aden is the only one will forgive him and that he’s not leaving. Aden is pissed off.

I’ve lost my best mate now. I don’t have many friends, so I’d like to keep hold of him.

Aden takes off his swimsuit. Heaven, Faye, and Tashie are talking about this. Heaven says that she feels horrible. Aden gives back the swimsuit to BB.

That doesn’t look like someone who’s fine.
Rebeckah about Aden storming off to smoke a fag

Rebeckah goes into the bedroom for a cry. Aden wouldn’t even look at her. After he calms down, he goes to see Rebeckah. He hugs her and then they talk on a bed.

If you go on Friday, I’ll with ya.

Rebeckah talks with BB. She refuses the swimsuit. She is told that even if she doesn’t put it on, she’ll be immune from the nominations.

What a fucking shit costume! My boobs don’t even fit in it.

Aden comes to comfort Rebeckah. Tonight it’s Pamela’s last evening in the house.

Aden is talking to Jay. He says that Rebeckah thinks that their friendship is ruined and that he doesn’t like her anymore. He does, but at the time, he was devastated.

Anton is in the diary room. He says that he would have picked Heaven. It wouldn’t have been a problem. He wouldn’t have been upset.

Tashie is already on Pamela-withdrawal. She keeps going on in the diary room about someone giving Pamela her number. WTF. She’s not interested.

Before leaving, Pamela says that the swimsuit HM get her bedroom. Aden just walks off to have a fag. Rebeckah follows him. Pamela leaves the BBUK house.

The HM are in bed. Aden is in the golden swimsuit room with Rebeckah. She says that he should go see the other girls that interest him instead of her. That’s a brush off.

Aaron is in the diary room. He says that today was a good day. He says that Rebeckah is a player. She likes to make sure that all of the men in the house flirt with her a bit. She’s flirting with everyone, and quite happy to have a golden swimsuit.

The HM nominated for eviction are Aaron, Harry, and Tashie.

* * * * *

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