Big Brother UK S12E06 (Channel 5)

-Are you going now?
-I don’t have to.
-You do unless you want to terrorize people.
Rebeckah and Aden last night

I missed that Rebeckah told Aden to get lost last night. It was even more of a brush-off that I had previously thought. Aaron makes Louise a cup of tea in the morning.

Maisy is almost naked in the shower. Aden has trouble brushing his teeth. Aaron and Aden are talking about Rebeckah. Aden likes her but he’s not sure that its reciprocated. Well, a bit later, he’s cuddling her in the garden. Rebeckah tells Aden that he needs to toughen up a bit.

My body’s white but my knob’s dark.

Mark and Harry talk about their knobs. Mark, Aaron, and Harry are talking about Louise. Aaron says that Louise is stunning. Mark says that Louise is unbelievably gorgeous. She’s also got a great personality.

Anton and Louise are talking about his background. He grew up with gangs. He nearly got stabbed twice. When he was 11, he got a scholarship to go to private school. He went for 7 years.

BB tells the HM that the nominations will happen soon. Rebeckah is playing with Mark.


Aaron        Anton Tashie    “She’s very me, me, me.”
Aden          Tom     Alex       “Tom wasn’t present.”
Alex           Anton  Tashie
Anton        Mark    Aaron    “This is reality TV, not fake-ality.”
Faye          Harry    Aaron    “We don’t gel.”
Harry        Aden     Tashie   “He’s messy.”
Heaven    Harry    Tashie    “She drinks my soy milk.”
Jay            Harry   Aaron     “He hunts animals.”
Louise       Tom     Alex        “I felt some negative vibes.”
Maisy        Mark    Alex       “He gets annoying.”
Mark         Anton   Tashie   “He ate a boiled egg.”
Rebeckah Harry   Aaron    “He kills foxes.”
Tashie       Harry   Aaron    “He makes misogynistic remarks.”
Tom           Harry   Louise    “It seems bloodthirsty.”

Harry got 6 noms, while Tashie and Aaron got 5. They will face the public vote. Faye and Jay received no noms.

Faye cries during the noms. When she leaves, Harry wants to give her a hug. She goes to cry in the diary room. Maisy and Aden are there. Faye says that she feels two-faced and she feels really bad.

Heaven bitches at Tashie when she comes out of the diary room.

Tashie has a private talk with Heaven. It’s about her comments about the kitchen. Heaven tells Tashie that she should apologize to her. She does. That was bad. Tashie says that she is sorry that she felt that way.

Is it even OK to eat?
Tashie to Heaven

Tashie runs to the diary room. She has another cry. Wow, WTF. that girl is weak and sensitive.

We can’t eat what we want.

In the bedroom, Harry, Rebeckah and Mark are making strange sounds.

I literally shave my face.

BB calls Tom to the diary room. He is told that he needs to go to the small task room. Some people would like to have a word with him. He relates what happened to the HM. Tom’s granddad passed away. They told him that he will be allowed to go to the funeral next week. Everyone is affected by this, even stalwart Aaron.

Aaron and Mark are still talking about today’s nominations. Rebeckah has allowed Aden back into her private quarters. She tells him that he’s gone weird, jokingly. Aden has pet names for Rebeckah. She hasn’t got any for him.

Later, Rebeckah is snuggling up to Mark. Aden is watching them, angrily. Louise is confiding in Aaron. She finds it hard. She’s having a cry. Aaron says that he’s really bad at this. He doesn’t know what to do. They say that they can speak to Harry, but not many other people. Tashie comes in. Aaron says that he’s got trouble with Tashie.

BB gathers the HM to reveal the noms. The HM nominated are Aaron, Harry, and Tashie. Tashie is surprised that she’s nominated. Tashie starts to cry. Rebeckah, Aden, and Maisy are all around her.

I feel really disliked.

Aaron says that he kind of expected. He also expected Harry.

Tashie cries a lot in the diary room later. There’s even dramatic music playing. It’s quite funny.

Aaron knew that Tashie would be up because she was so over the top with everyone that it would annoy them.

6 HM get into bed together and Mark gets a stiffie.

Heaven feels guilty and two-faced. She voted for Tashie because she didn’t think that HM would vote for Tashie.

[the moon] is crying it’s got tears.

Heaven continues to heal Tashie. She gives her a massage. She never shuts up, does she. Rebeckah is looking for Mark. She wants to torment him a bit.

Don’t you touch my winkle.
Rebeckah to Mark

While Rebeckah is getting in bed with Mark, Aden is telling Anton that he always cuddles Rebeckah and they talk until 6AM.

I guess I’m not getting any cuddles tonight.

* * * * *

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