My Daily Tweets 09.16.11

  • Smartphone Photo Printers: Like a Polaroid? 11 minutes ago
  • Suck UK’s Cardboard Radio: Easily Recyclable to Say the Least 5 hours ago
  • Invention Simulates Objects Passing Through Your Hand: Now You Can Get Stabbed, Virtually 5 hours ago
  • Speaking of which, I haven’t seen much of Emily either. She’s another student I like and I think that the same thing happened to her. 16 hours ago
  • She wasn’t in my class, but she’s one of my favorite students. She’s also extremely smart.16 hours ago
  • Grade 1 Ivy is leaving our school bc her Chinese school schedule no longer fits w the half day process at Happy Marian. 16 hours ago
  • A dentist will fix her up over the weekend I believe. 16 hours ago
  • Coco broke one of her front teeth yesterday. It’s sad and she cried. It happened in Chinese school. At least she wasn’t beaten up. 16 hours ago
  • It’s kind of cute, and she constantly has questions for me, about which words to use etc. English is her 2nd language. 16 hours ago
  • Emma, one of my grade 4 students, will compose her writing out loud. She’s seated right next to me and doesn’t mind that everyone hears her. 16 hours ago
  • It’s getting to the point where I absolutely need an e-reader. Lugging around a MBP17 to read is ridiculous. 16 hours ago
  • Finished. Time for a steak and Jersey Shore. 16 hours ago
  • Les cons, y sont partout. 16 hours ago
  • Mais y a des lopettes partout merde. Ds mon voca, lopette c pas pour les gais, mais pour les cons. 16 hours ago
  • What am I looking forward to this weekend? Sleep. 18 hours ago
  • There’s such a thing as too much information. 18 hours ago
  • So Star Wars came out on Blu-Ray. I don’t care. Last time I bought a DVD was 2005. 18 hours ago
  • The kids do get better when you do this. I’ve seen significant improvements in my students, from those that had trouble 2 those who improved 18 hours ago
  • TD and parents like that I do that though. Previous teacher didn’t. It’s just how I roll. 18 hours ago
  • Glad class was over. Kids left I was still inside the classroom. Happens very rarely. Due to Writing class. Lots of stuff to mark. 18 hours ago
  • Today I was marking writing assignments, answering queries from students writing communication books & helping students all at the same time 18 hours ago
  • A co-worker wanted me to copy over my ebooks. I did so. Realized that I have a lot of them. 12GB of Mathematics books. He didn’t want those 18 hours ago
  • Just remembered this morning that until 1995, domain registrations were *free*: A miracle no one registered them all. 16 Sep
  • McGraw-Hill Education has split into its own company. ( 16 Sep
  • Jane Jacobs, the Rebirth of New York, and “import replacement” — ( 16 Sep
  • I love how when Anakin asks Qui-Gon if he’s come to free the slaves, and Qui-Gon is immediately “Nope. Not even slightly.” 16 Sep
  • Camilla Thorsson par Jeffrey Graetsch pour S Magazine #9 | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… via @voyonsvoir 18 hours ago
  • Mona Johannesson par Honer Akrawi pour Gravure #5 | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… via @voyonsvoir 18 hours ago
  • Guinevere Van Seenus par Danielle Duella & Iango Henzi pour Muse Magazine #25 | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… 18 hours ago
  • Wow, 2004 calling : Je viens de recevoir un mail de Technorati. 20 hours ago
  • Long day at work that ended quite abruptly. Still had some marking to do, but will finish on Monday. 18 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 09.15.11 16 Sep

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