Big Brother UK S12E07 (Channel 5)

Rebeckah tells Aaron that she was so horrible with Aden last night. She says that it was so funny because she could hear him huffing and puffing last night. Mark and Aden are clearing the air about last night.

Heaven is doing her meditation in the morning sun. Jay is having trouble with a jar. Aaron helps him out. He says it’s because he isn’t eating enough proteins. They are eating too many carbs.

Louise is in the diary room. She says that she’s gutted about Harry and Aaron. She really likes Aaron and enjoys Harry’s company. She says that Aaron probably thinks that she’s a weirdo.

Some of the HM are talking about their pets.

Lettuce, cucumber, knobbing.
Mark about his tortoises

Tashie is holding a belly dancing class. Some of the boys are watching. Jay and Anton are talking about them. Jay likes Louise’s tits.

Rebeckah is in the bedroom talking about her relationship with Aden to Aaron, Mark, and Tom.

For this week’s shopping task, it’s boys vs girls in a brain quiz. The answers to the sums they total must be retrieved from barrels of fish paste.

I was to go into a barrel of shit and get some numbers.
Dim Alex

The boys complete it first, thanks to Harry and Aaron. Rebeckah and Aden have a talk.

Aaron and Louise are cooking. Rebeckah is speculating about gameplay. She says Anton tried to get on with every girl, and when he struck out he decided it was a game.

-Mark is absolutely crackers.
-He’s off his fucking cake.

Rebeckah says that Harry’s game plan is to be the Nasty Nick of the house. Aaron only competes in things in which he’s winner. Everything that he’s doing is his defense mechanism.

The boys graduate and get to wear some brains. The girls are the pea bodies and have to wear a green cap. The boys get sushi. The girls get sardines and toast. Aaron hasn’t had sushi before. The boys encourage him to chuck one down. He pukes it out quickly. What a wanker.

Rebeckah tells Aden that Aaron told her that Aden was besotted with her. Aaron is lying about with Mark and Harry and talking about the love triangle. Rebeckah hears him and tells him to shut the fuck up. Rebeckah is being ignorant. Or she’s just playing her game. Rebeckah is being a bit of a bitch. She’s been bitching quite a bit recently.

The boys must answer two general knowledge questions. Each one they get right earns them £50 towards the shopping budget. Each one they get wrong, drenches a pea brained girl in brain sick. The boys have been told that they cannot confer between them on the questions. Aaron gets his right. Aden gets his wrong and he must spin the Wheel of Misfortune. It chooses Alex. She gets drenched in brain sick. Anton knows his. Harry gets his wrong. Anton knew it. Tashie gets drenched. Jay gets some help from Heaven. He needs to drench someone. Alex gets it for a second time. Mark gets his wrong too. He drenches Faye. Tom gets his wrong.

-How many years are there in a millennium?
-One million.

Tashie gets it again. Wow, these people are stupid. Aaron and Aden get theirs wrong. Anton, Harry, and Jay get theirs right. Mark gets his wrong again. Maisy gets some sick. Tom finally gets his wrong. They get £400 for the shopping budget. There’s some horsing around with the brain sick.

The boys are unhappy with the state of the house. Harry whinges. Some of the HM aren’t happy. Jay is also pissed.

BB gathers all of the HM on the sofas. Aaron and Mark threw the brain sick around. This means that they failed the task. They get £350 to spend not the shopping. This is £20 per person for the week.

Heaven is looking for booze and is annoyed that there is not much left. Mark, Faye, and Louise are finishing off the last of the booze. They both give him some cuddles.

Rebeckah and Aden are cuddling in the bedroom. I’m getting sick watching them. Some of the HM are getting into the party spirit. Mark plunges in the the swimming pool naked. Tom gets naked and jumps in. Faye and Louise are jumping in half dressed.

Jay is talking about his feelings Tashie and Maisy. He fancies Louise. Faye is a mate. Then he says that he couldn’t give Faye a proper seeing to. He implies that he fancies her.

Tom and Mark jump on Aaron. Aden is talking to Heaven about Rebeckah.

Aaron is in Faye and Louise’s bed. He doesn’t want to go to his bed because it’s wet.

Good night Aaron, have a nice penis. I mean sleep.

Aaron comes out and talks with Mark. He blew it.

* * * * *

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