Big Brother UK S12E08-E09 (Channel 5)

The vote to save system is something that was quite common in BBAU. It’s different to see it on BBUK. I much prefer the votes to evict in the BBUK format.

It’s the first live eviction show for this season of BBUK. Tashie gets a lot of boos when her number to save is announced. That was somewhat well deserved. She’s a total drama queen. All of the HM are wearing leopard print clothes.

Dim Alex is impressed with the toaster. Faye and Louise are hung over. They are talking about Aaron trying to get into their beds. Louise didn’t like that. Aaron is asking BB for date type things he can do with Louise.

The boys are doing the shopping. They’ve got £350. They get 100 cheap lagers and 100 cheap ciders. Holy crap. They get an electric car set for £306 and some beer. It’s down to Aaron. He looks a bit sneaky when he comes out. He tells the HM that he did it. Wow, Tashie is hated!

Anton tells Jay and Aden that some of the girls are hiding food. Tashie is worried about the eviction. Rebeckah says that Aaron got his dick out last night to get into the pool, and everyone saw it, so of course he doesn’t think that he’s going. Harry says that there are people playing the game, and he’s obviously not. The others agree.

Harry and Aaron are watching Maisy stretching in her swimsuit. Aaron confesses that he didn’t get the electric car set. His main concern was that Louise would never speak to him again. He says that whenever there was something he didn’t like, he scratched it out.

Aaron tells Mark that Rebeckah isn’t as nice as she likes to be perceived. Dim Alex has been called to the diary room. BB is setting her a secret task. She needs to take a little walk for 2 miles in an hour. She will win a reward for the female HM. She gets a pedometer. She pretends that she lost some lipstick. She could have just done some running. That’s somewhat pathetic. She completes her task. She walked 3 miles in about an hour.

Rebeckah, Heaven, and Tom are splitting up the treats. Heaven is cleaning the store room. She is gobbling up the food. Rebeckah tells on Heaven to Jay. Faye and Rebeckah confront Heaven about the food stealing. They started it and they kind of blame Jay.

Rebeckah tells the boys that she hates men. Rebeckah tells Aaron that she despises him. Aaron walks off saying that he doesn’t like her.

Tom has challenged Aaron to a game of chicken. Tom straddles him and kisses him. Heaven is in the diary room whingeing about HM blaming her of stealing food. Tom snogs Rebeckah. Aden wants some of that, but Rebeckah refuses him.

Dim Alex has been called to the diary room. She gets a care package. HM are playing musical chairs. Dim Alex comes out with the stuff. The girls are happy. The girls start chanting ‘pussy’. Greedy Heaven has got the wine bottle in her hands.

Aaron is giving Tom a hickie. WTF. Jay and Aden are talking about Rebeckah. Anton joins them. Anton and Aden thinks that Aaron will go.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Tashie gets loads of boos and she is surprised. I like that. Aaron is safe. The crowd is chanting ‘get Tashie out’. Faye is starting to cry. Tashie is evicted.

Are they joking?

BBUK Eviction Interview S12E09

Harry and Aaron thank the public in the diary room. They both say that they won’t miss Tashie.

The only thing I said to her was good morning and good night.

I might have a bath to celebrate.

Tashie has been crying a bit. Faye and Rebeckah are also crying. Tashie is welcomed by a plethora of boos. They hate her. She’s not crying yet, but on the verge. She’s tearing up. She’s kind of universally hated.

Her eviction interview is a bit boring. The HM get her goodbye video.

* * * * *

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