My Daily Tweets 09.18.11

  • ZAC FASHION: Sabrina Nait by Michael Donovan for LoveCat Magazine,… 38 minutes ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Jessica Miller by Camilla Akrans for Numero #127 October 2011,… 47 minutes ago
  • Hard Graft Felt iPad Case: Handmade Goodness from Italy 11 hours ago
  • Stormtrooper Helmet Made from adidas Sneakers 11 hours ago
  • Doctor Who The Girl Who Waited S06E10 (BBC) 21 hours ago
  • Doctor Who Night Terrors S06E09 (BBC) 21 hours ago
  • The next season of #TrueBlood will have to be based upon Definitely Dead and Dead as a Doornail. I can’t see them basing it on only one book 23 hours ago
  • Ok finished #TrueBlood. Nice way to end the series. Didn’t expect it to end this way, even if I read all of the books. 23 hours ago
  • Weekend news that matters for Monday: 1) Merkel loses another election in Berlin; 2) Berlusconi in another sex scandal; 3) Obama $1mn tax 23 hours ago
  • Callet Is a Smartphone Case + Wallet 23 hours ago
  • True Blood And When I Die S04E12 (HBO) 18 Sep
  • True Blood Soul of Fire S04E11 (HBO) 18 Sep
  • Then Doctor Who if I have the time. 18 Sep
  • Starting w True Blood. Time to finish the series. 18 Sep
  • Jersey Shore Meatball Mashup S04E07 (MTV) 18 Sep
  • Big Brother UK S12E10 (Channel 5) 18 Sep
  • Big Brother UK S12E08-E09 (Channel 5) 18 Sep
  • Big Brother UK S12E07 (Channel 5) 18 Sep
  • So I’ve got 2 Torchwood eps, 3 Doctor Who eps, & 2 True Blood eps to watch. Holy crap. 18 Sep
  • @RunningStretch I run through the riverside park in Taipei. It’s the safest place, no cars. 18 Sep
  • Extreme schooling WTF. It’s called immersion. 18 Sep
  • Then, they popped me into a French school. I didn’t speak French, but I learned it pretty quickly in about a month or so. So did my sister. 18 Sep
  • Extreme schooling? Please, this happened to me more than once in my life. My parents moved me from Germany to France 18 Sep
  • Liked how in DCI Banks last night, Banks slapped the racist Doctor when he made a racist comment about his DS. 18 Sep
  • It’s getting pretty dark in Taipei, and it’s only 4PM. 18 Sep
  • Matrix Analysis is fun, but I don’t want to do much research in that field. It depends on the class formats. I’ll meet the profs tomorrow. 18 Sep
  • Though I’m not sure if either of those fits in my schedule. 18 Sep
  • to choose from. There’s an Optimization class and a Matrix Analysis class. 18 Sep
  • My adviser suggested I take the Enumerative Combinatorics class, but I have no interest in that field. I only have a few different classes 18 Sep
  • I got 15 hrs of sleep last night. Welcome break from the norm. 18 Sep
  • Hollie Fernando » So Itʼs Storming On The Lake » Kunst » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 18 Sep
  • Kind a sad when a good blog turns to shit. 18 Sep
  • @kristenlubbe congrats once again! 18 Sep
  • I think they are lighter than my running flats, Asics Japan Sortie Marathon Duo. 18 Sep
  • Adidas Adizero Feather runners weigh 6.7oz, 190g for a pair. Kind of awesome. 18 Sep
  • “Soldiers of Misfortune” The treatment of Vietnam vets after they returned home (by Tracy Kidder, @TheAtlantic ’78) 17 Sep
  • The windows on BART are so dirty, it’s like looking at the world through an instagram filter. 18 Sep
  • Dude actually fashioned nunchucks out of bedsheets and a chair to fight five guards and escape jail. 18 Sep
  • Researchers from the University of Alberta report feathers in amber reveal dinosaur diversity 18 Sep
  • My Daily Tweets 09.17.11 18 Sep

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