Big Brother UK S12E12 (Channel 5)

The HM are running out of food and they are being punished for wrecking the house.

I still can’t believe those Niburu comments by Heaven. WTF. I have trouble believing that people like this actually exist. Aaron gets Faye her morning tea.

Last night, Harry won immunity from eviction this week. Harry tells Aaron that Heaven says that Rebeckah is really two-faced. Tom joins in and he thinks the same way. Aaron doesn’t like her either. She hasn’t done herself any favors.

Rebeckah is in the diary room. She’s going on that Aaron is playing a game. She says that Heaven is also playing a game. Rebeckah is just bitch.

Heaven is giving Aden some advice.

I caught her singing a few times while I was watching her in the shower.
Aaron, creepily about Faye

Aaron is talking to Maisy about Faye. Jay is in the diary room. He wants more food. There isn’t any. He’s ready to do anything. Faye is called to the diary room. She gets a secret task to get date night. She must diss then kiss all of the HM. Aaron is hard. His story is too long. She’s got a nice smile on her lips when Aaron kisses her on the cheek.

I’m not one for sloppy seconds.
Faye about Jay and Louise

After 1:29, she completed her task. Faye gets called to the diary room. Faye picks Aaron. Aaron gets called to the diary room. They have got 1h to prepare for their date. When they come out, they tell the HM.

I might go on a hunger strike.

Meanwhile, Alex, Tom, and Tom are making some music.

The boys are trying to give Aaron some tips. The girls are helping Faye to dress. Aaron gets boots from Mark, an awesome shirt from Aden, and some jeans from Mark (some cologne from Tom). Aden gives Aaron more tips on what to say and what to do. Aaron is in the spare room, psyching himself up.

It’s a handjob.
Faye’s sexual innuendo

She asks him if he fancies Louise. He says no. Faye asks him if he fancies her. He says that without a doubt, he fancies her. BB even gives them a slow dance.

Faye may be one person to the world, but right now, to this one person, she’s pretty much the world.

Aaron had a great time. Faye also had a jolly good time. Jay is in the diary room talking about Louise. Aaron tells Mark that she’s the one for him now, without a doubt. She’s a gorgeous girl, inside and out.

You are definitely marriage material.
Jay about Louise

Jay, Aden, and Anton are talking about Faye. Rebeckah and Faye are talking about her date with Aaron. Faye says that she fancies him but he’s not her type.

Heaven is in the diary room dissing Rebeckah. She used to like her, but no longer.

Aden tells Rebeckah that Heaven was talking about her to him. She was telling him that Rebeckah was playing a game and that he needed to protect himself.

What a fucking nasty bitch.
Rebeckah about Heaven

There is drama in the bedroom. Heaven doesn’t want Rebeckah lying in her bed, talking to Maisy. She makes her get up. Then leaves the bedroom. Rebeckah is pissed. She comes out and confronts Heaven.

I don’t want your negative force on my pillow.
Heaven to Rebeckah

Are you fucking crackers?

Aden tries to grab Rebeckah away from Heaven. He’s successful. He diffuses the situation. Rebeckah continues in the bedroom to Maisy. Aden goes for a smoke.

In the living room, Heaven tells Anton that Rebeckah calls him the weak link of the boys. When Tom gets in the bedroom, Rebeckah continues on. Tom was sticking up for Heaven, or so he believed. This is good TV. No more happy house!

* * * * *

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