My Daily Tweets 09.20.11

  • Moshi Moshi 03 Bluetooth iPhone Handset: Going Retro with Style 10 hours ago
  • Giant Digital Atomic Wall Clock and Thermometer: You Won’t Have Any Trouble Reading This 10 hours ago
  • Kind of ready for tomorrow, but still got some time to relax. 19 hours ago
  • Reorganized my paper file organizer that I take to school every day. Old classes from ’09 relegated to archives. Kept only current stuff. 19 hours ago
  • Pencil cases reorganized: merged 2 into one, bc I had too many. Now working w a 3 pencil case system, 1 for school, 2 for Tombow ABTs. 19 hours ago
  • NEW! Thompson! Stephenson! Adiga! McGinniss! And, yes, Shel Silverstein! ( 20 hours ago
  • First Week of the Fall Term 2011 – Mathematics Graduate School 20 hours ago
  • Big Brother UK S12E12 (Channel 5) 21 hours ago
  • Big Brother UK S12E11 (Channel 5) 22 hours ago
  • Saw some Converse Jack Purcell Boat shoes that looked cool. 23 hours ago
  • Naturally, they come in infrared colors, bright orange, blue, or black. The colors are fluorescent, which is a bit 80s for some people. 23 hours ago
  • I was talking about my new adidas adiZero Feathers, which are super light. 23 hours ago
  • One of my students told me that she paid $45 USD (1200NT) for her flip flops. I told her that I paid $3.3USD 100NT for mine. 23 hours ago
  • Getting tired here. Time to finish this post, take another shower, and get some food. 23 hours ago
  • It kind of rolls off the tongue. 23 hours ago
  • Doutzen Kroes, Doutzen Crows, Dotzen Crows, Dozen Crows. Repeating her name is like a mantra. 23 hours ago
  • It was a nice ride. All the lights were green, and not much traffic. Within 8 minutes, I was back in Banciao. 23 hours ago
  • I made it from Gongguan in Taipei to my school in Xinjhuang in 17.5 minutes. 23 hours ago
  • All systems down – the wife earlier today about not having her computer. 23 hours ago
  • #1Q84 and #ThePragueCemetery are the other 2 novels I’m looking forward to. 23 hours ago
  • Wow, #Reamde sounds a bit like #SnowCrash. I actually have #Anathem in 2 hard cover versions. The same edition, but 1 here & 1 in Canada 23 hours ago
  • I enlisted a ballistics copy editor because I had so many guns in #Reamde – Neal Stephenson 23 hours ago
  • I will either register for my final class tomorrow morning or finally get a health check. I have class at 10AM and then I work all day 23 hours ago
  • Just found an ebook version of Gradient Flows in Metric Spaces by Luigi Ambrosio. It’s my textbook in Topics in Geometric Analysis. 23 hours ago
  • Before I start those. Things are going my way in books at least. 23 hours ago
  • Dang that was quick. I have both #Reamde and #TheNightCircus. They go to the front of my to-read pile. Only #TheLastDragonslayer to finish 23 hours ago
  • Fuck yeah, #Reamde is out already in ebook format. 20 Sep
  • All of the Jasper Fforde books were ebooks. I need an ereader. 20 Sep
  • Since I’m about to finish all of Jasper Fforde, I’m due for them. However, I’ve somewhat embraced ebooks. 20 Sep
  • Neal Stephenson’s Reamde is out, plus Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus. 2 books I want to read. 20 Sep
  • Just preventative in case they decide to fall out while I’m riding at 100 kph 20 Sep
  • Using my carabiners to fasten my Camelbak bottles tightly to my pack. 20 Sep
  • I was supposed to do that last week, but I procrastinated. 20 Sep
  • It made me somewhat anxious dealing w the prof, but she was nice about it. 20 Sep
  • It’s also time to start working on my thesis. My advisor is leaving for Germany in December, but I want to complete as much as possible 20 Sep
  • But I need the credits. By the end of this semester, I’ll have 16. I need 18 or 20 to graduate. 20 Sep
  • 3 graduate math classes, that’s the most I’ve ever taken. 20 Sep
  • No chance of it being canceled now. 20 Sep
  • There was a chance that the class would have been canceled w only 1 student. I registered last Tuesday and she found another student. 20 Sep
  • If not, I’ll have to take Enumerative Combinatorics. Bleh. Not really my thing, but it’s taught by an analysis prof. 20 Sep
  • It looks somewhat complicated to take the NTU Partial Differential Equations class. I’ll check that out tomorrow. 20 Sep
  • I don’t know why I was freaking out about that, probably bc she didn’t want me in her Commutative Algebra class last semester but I took it 20 Sep
  • The one that was there told me that 1 of them had to go back and teach this year. Master’s on hold? 20 Sep
  • It looks like last week, there was no class, as only one student was there. Her graduate student. The other 2 are MIA. 20 Sep
  • Talked w Homological algebra prof and she’s happy to move her class 1h before, so I will have np w her. 20 Sep
  • Explosion in center of Turkish capital Ankara, casualties reported -NTV via Reuters 20 Sep
  • The bad news ignored Siemens pulling money from SocGen and giving it to ECB instead, the China bank swap story, the threat of EUR vote in GR 20 Sep
  • Really digging Lana Del Rey too:… via @a_s_lee 20 Sep
  • Oktoberfest 2011 – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 20 Sep
  • I LOLed at the line: “I HAVE a girlfriend. Her name is SCIENCE!” – Dave Foley on #Eureka 20 Sep
  • Tried to find blue Adidas Crazy Lights again but struck out. Anyone know where to find some in size 11/45 in Taipei? 20 Sep
  • Check out these color photographs of WWII-era NYC: 20 Sep
  • Started #TheLastDragonslayer as well. 20 Sep
  • Finished #ShadesofGrey last night by Jasper Fforde. Nice very different from his other books. It reminded me a lot of other dystopian novels 20 Sep
  • The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. 20 Sep
  • Luckily there are only 2-3 other students in that class. 20 Sep
  • Otherwise, I’d be missing 1/3 of her class every week. 20 Sep
  • Today I need to ask a professor to start her class 1h earlier, bc it creates a conflict w my teaching class. Hope she’ll let us do that. 20 Sep
  • I think she might get herself a MacBook Air 13 20 Sep
  • She’s been slightly incommunicado since. 20 Sep
  • Wife’s MacBook died. It’s getting fixed in Illinois. 20 Sep
  • An analysis professor is giving that class, enumerative combinatorics. 20 Sep
  • I need to take care of this within the next 2 days. Next class in Thursday morning. I want it settled by then. Or it will be Enumerative Com 20 Sep
  • This weekend, I’m attending a workshop in Hsinchu on Differential Geometry. It’s supposed to last the whole day. Ah well. 20 Sep
  • I know that we can register for classes there and get credit. It would be a nice change instead of Enumerative Combinatorics. 20 Sep
  • It’s what Google Translate said, but I’m not sure. I’ll ask the staff after I know the name of the class. 20 Sep
  • I’m going to try and register for an NTU PDE class, although I’m not sure my classmates are actually registered. 20 Sep
  • The Chairman of Merck took home $17.9 million last year. This year Merck announces plans to boot 13,000 workers. Any questions? 20 Sep
  • Spoof Entry Wins American Apparel’s Plus-size Model Search – but Furious Brand Awards Prize to Someone… 20 Sep
  • ZAC FASHION: Doutzen Kroes by Lachlan Bailey for Muse Fall 2011,… 20 Sep
  • Cass Bird » I Look Just Like My Daddy » Kunst » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 20 Sep
  • My Daily Tweets 09.19.11 20 Sep

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